S.A.T.B – Mid term pitch.

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Step across the border

Step Across the Border
Project Pitch

(To be completed in 500 Words)

1.What is your project?
(What ideas have you taken from the module)


I am taking the challenge of performing a solo electronic improvisation piece. I would also like to try and create a stage presence that inspires the audience imagination and takes you on a journey.

2.How will your work be presented?
(What will the work look & sound like, how many people are invovled?)

I will perform solo with ableton live, a midi controller and try and involve the piano or some cymbals from the drum kit. Also included will be visual projections onto a prop.

3. What statement(s) are you making?
(Whats the purpose & drive behind what your doing)

Observe & Discover.

There is deep intrigue between technical sound and me. Everything about being human for me has rhythm, mystery, and magic. Using Modern technologies I am going to try and portray that which already exists within me…

Therefore I am technical sound.

I am inviting the audience to share this experience and discover that the magic, mystery and momentum also exists within all of us.

4. What are your technical requirements?
(Lighting, sound, offsite requirements etc…Please be as concise as possible)

Ableton, midi keyboard, Laptop, Laser star projector, small mirror tiles. Other lighting (stage LED”S)
Image projector. Giant home made stage prop (mask shape face for projections)

‘Starman costume’.. White gloves, White mask.. top hat. Maybe tailed blazer.

Along with this please provide the following:

1. Two references to existing works


(Its important that you contextualise your work)

2. A rehearsal schedule
(Submit a written plan of how you will achieve your final outcome)

This week I will purchase the costume props as well as finish gathering my sounds for the performance. Rehearsal of the track and constructing the video projection is going to be the hardest part.
I have already started to take pictures of my face for the projection video and I will work on that too.
The best thing is to keep rehearsing my existing idea and have a practice in the performance space (A25) to become familiar with how it will look.

I also need to discuss with Aiden or Matt about the projection onto the homemade prop.

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