Copyrights and Intellectual Property.

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Networking Music.

I’ve never really thought about the rights and ownership of my material until coming across it through the Networking Music Modules in CSM. I guess that’s partly because these matters would only concern you if you were making money and distributing of your music..?



The above video talks about how copyright laws protect your works for the life of the artist + 70years. She then goes on to explain that the term of ‘fair use’ being a parody, a provocative article or critical review published in order to make fun of an artist or their works. Copyright prevents any re-publishing of the artist works without prior contractual agreements.



Here Maggie Lange goes on to explain that under intellectual property laws they protect expressions of ideas such as recordings, books, films ect..


As my interest lies in producing my own material I have learnt that understanding these laws are crucial to my development as an artist. Whilst im looking to be economically sustainable, being the producer and composer of my material I find I am in a good position to be in control of what I put out and also own the rights and recordings themselves. This in turn would be beneficial in terms of revenue should any of my music or projects/works become successful.


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