Networking & Music Brief Idea.

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Networking Music.

‘’Today is a New Day’’

I aim to record, publish, promote and release a 4 track Ep for mid December 2014. I will be promoting the release date via social media and gigs before hand. This Ep will be a free introduction to an album of original songs written and performed by myself.

I am yet to have established any aesthetic or brand to my more recent music, I think now is a great opportunity to experiment. This Ep is written from a more optimistic point of view rather than the political anti-system rap verses from my previous projects so this will be considered when exploring ideas.

I will be committing to more local gigs to help the promotion of the new ep.

To further promote and celebrate the Ep I aim to broadcast a live show with chat facilities on the day of the release using U-stream.Tv

This ep is free and being promoted in order to try and gain some interest in myself as a ”becoming artist/ songwriter”

What Do I Need to do?

Record 4 Tracks

  • Work on sleeve/cover
  • Print out 50/100 copies
  • Contact venues for promotion gigs
  • Set up U-stream channel
  • Promotion via social media and gigs toward the broadcast

(Exact date to be confirmed)



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