Philosophical Encounters1 (notes)

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Lecture Notes.

Philosophical Encounters

Session 1 Notes

Matt opened up the session with the course overview and explained the entry for this module would be a 2500 word paper, delivered in a presentation using media such as power-point or slide show of some kind.

He explained that the course is looking at..

‘’what it means to experience and make music, & how do we know what experiences are?’’


Unknown– metzinger?

-He introduced us to Delurze & Guitarri’s book 1000 plateau’s.

both post humanist critical theorists who wrote a book mostly by exchanging letters..

Tree Thinking & Rhizomes…

-Delurez believes we all have a tree growing in our heads, a right way and wrong way to do things, only one original and everything else being imitation. analyzing the world from a fixed point of view here we prove to see restrictions.. Tree logic is Tracing the real.. copying. arbourescent thought because…

..rather than like a tree more of a grass? The central point being dispursed.. No start or finish as it feeds into and out of one thing. If you cut it at any point it will grow elsewhere like roots of the ginger or iris plant. This opposes the tree thinking model concluding that there is a rhizomatic relationship that relates to each given situation in terms of growth. Will grow and connect and must do. The point is do we produce our own consciousness? Or is there a an other dimensional force of energy that is somehow storing this knowledge…

Concluding thought is not arbourescent .. homogentiy and hetreogenity?

In relations to music the same music will and does pop up every generation slightly different and giving genuine experiences to listeners of the time.

Rhizomatic thinking,. where everything is relative to its relationship with the other party which is inclusive to all, the best and the worst. We see rhizomes around us in society all the time, matt uses the example of drug dealers,

 ‘’if you take out one out another will take there place.’’

Rats act like a rhizome,’’

And on the other hand tree thinking is being fixed on a right or wrong, one truth..‘’Having a structured head full of trees!’’ Both concepts are real in regards to the dynamic effect they have in experiencing everyday change.


So tracing is never really tracing, it still exists as an image of the real thing.. but cant ever have the same relationship as the real piece as it is only a tracing.


Hyper-reality then will suggest that (for example) One Direction may not be considered as a genuine pop group in regards to their manufactured looks and predictable pop music but to the younger 13 yr olds who are buying there music they are having a good and genuine experience.

Fair to conclude that thought is not arbourescent, everyone thinks differently and thinking rhizomatically will allow observations of life to not be so rigid and oppressive..


-look at twin peaks

useful links.


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