Philosophical Encounters #3

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Lecture Notes.

‘’Really Real’’


This week we looked at the above commercial for Coca Cola and the parody of what is thought to be really real? The corporate company uses a manufactured boy band (who might not have any musical playing ability) to portray their product as a Real Thing. Is coke a real drink? What is the definition of real? Is it more than just music? And what does real mean in a world that seeks to make profit of consumers.

Dellurze & Guitarri in a 1000 plateaus talk about ‘everything’ being real, real to that specific person at one specific time. Capturing experiences for any person committing to pay attention.. critics said this advert had prophetic properties concerning the future of music.

Multiplicity. – a number or variety of component’s.. many potential differences, not exactly two dimentional.

Some re-cap words


  • Rhizomes
  • Virtual
  • Image
  • The rhythm


Ecology of speeds..

 It is not just a matter of music but of how to live:

 Matt talked about an artist standing in front of a canvas who is looking to create something out of nothing.. however dellurze and guitarrez believe that the fact the artist is there in that process is exposing something of an unseen nature but definably there as a driving or collaborative force towards creativity or expression.

Sonic Warfare


A book by Steve Goodman called sonic warfare relates experiences as being pulses or throbs of this energy as to feel is to be effected and to be effected is to feel.

Life is a multiplicity of powers to differ, so that matter is expressive not only in its encounter with the human eye (the actually perceived, or perceptions) but also in its autonomous, vibrating and inhuman power (the virtual percept, what is there to be perceived) (Claire Colebrook, Deleuze: a guide for the perplexed. 2006: 97-98)

 Plato’s Cave

We were shown an animation called plato’s cave and discussed the matters of perceptions and reality. What is real? How do we know its real? Do we give labels to what we don’t know to give it a territory, as known territories are somewhat stable or at least opposed to outside chaos. deleuze concurs and elaborates by saying every experience will effect your relationship to things weather it was real or not.


‘ Images are no longer anchored by representation, therefore they float weightless in hyperspace.’ (Brian Massumi,

Plato Concluding..

  • Nothing is real?
  • You can access a higher truth elsewhere
  • Everything external of you is you having experiences however that wont and don’t change the moral of man.
  • Creating separation from the divine consciousness

Deleurze concluding…

  • Everything is a reality in its self
  • No start or finish to truth, always is, aways was, and is infinite
  • Everytime round the same rhizomatic system we me face similarities between experiences but indifference is inevitable. So everything is ever growing and ever changing.


 .. the virtual is not opposed to the real; it possesses a full reality by itself. The process it undergoes is that of actualisation. (Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition. 2004: 263)


Fakery, forging, copying, and imitating goods, ideas, and realities, in accordance to dellurze, all have strong grounds to be considered a reality in their own right.

Matt talks about how things are an assemblage of production, the simulation isn’t as equal as the original but has a genuine experience attached to its generational audience. Hyper reality is the way we explain the grey areas between the true and the false. The fact that every copy is only an image of the original, it gains its originality by being a separate entity.


It is therefore proper to say that the system excludes the assignation of an originary and a derived as though these were a first and second occurrence, because the sole origin is difference […] It is under this aspect, without doubt, that the eternal return is revealed as the groundless ‘law’ of this system. The eternal return does not cause the same and similar to return, but is itself derived from a world of pure difference […] The eternal return has no other sense than this: the absence of any assignable origin – in other words, the assignation of difference as the origin (Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition. 2004: 153)

Deluerze concludes by saying both true & false are both realities in themselves but separate from each other.

Dergsons Cone of Memory..

See slide..

This image shows the self being on the lower plane and an expanding cone growing outwards as it goes upwards.. suggesting that there are different planes or levels of memory or consciousness that one can tap into. ß- delurze claims this also\


… we are and remain “anybodies” before we become “somebodies”. Underneath the identity of our bodies or organisms, we have what Deleuze calls a body. We have the singularity of what Spinoza termed “a singular essence” […] How then can we make such pre-individual singularities coincide in space and time; and what is the space and time that includes them? …

 We need a new conception of society in which what we have in common is our singularities and not our individualities – where what is common is “impersonal” and what is “impersonal” is common (Rajchman, 2001: 14)

 Absolute immanence is in itself: it is not in something, to something; it does not depend on an object or belong to a subject. In Spinoza, immanence is not immanence to substance; rather, substance and modes are in immanence. Immanence is not related to Some Thing as a unity superior to all things or to a Subject as an act that brings about a synthesis of things: it is only when immanence is no longer immanence to anything other than itself that we can speak of a plane of immanence…

 We will say of pure immanence that it is A LIFE, and nothing else. It is not immanence to life, but the immanent that is in nothing is itself a life. A life is the immanence of immanence, absolute immanence: it is complete power, complete bliss. (Deleuze, Immanence: A Life: 26-27)


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