D&G Brief.

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Philosophical Encounters.

Looking at the philosophy of Deleurze & Guittari’s A Thousand Plateau’s and with video narrative, images and sounds i will explore how these concepts and ideologies are relevant to todays cultures and music. Here are my draft notes and brief ideas..

Deleurze & Guitarri’s Theories My Examples of how they fit in culture or music
  • Tree thinking opposed to rhizomatic thinking


  • Religious or extreme  supernatural cults – rhizome


  • Territories & The Refrain






  • Chaos Miliue & Rhythm’s



  • ‘Crossbreed’ a genre that has formed out of two different genres and now stands successfully alone. –territories mechanical assemblage


  • Youtube example of territories


  • Mechanical Assemblages


  • How writing a song is a mechanical assemblage..


  • Becoming animal


  • Cross examine my own journey of making music and how I fit into Deleurze & Guitarri’s theories – territories, chaos milieu rhythms..


  • Bloc & Effect


  • Is bloc & effect a creation from learning from things that have past or a creation from a higher source / dimension.


  • Something new/ body without organs – is it possible?


  • Sensory deprivation tank, connecting to consciousness for enhanced creativy or superlearning… Is this to suggest that Einstein’s knowledge is not information’’ quote backs up the theory of burgess cone of memory.. Planes of information


  • Hyper – reality




  • Las Vegas? Or Disneyland. The creation of streets and houses creates a more realistic experience for the buyer – ‘’the fake nature of Disneyland satisfies our imagination and daydream fantasies in real life’’


  • Sex dolls haha!


  • Dangers of hyper reality – lose sight of reality. i.e fake stick up. -cop could still kill burglar with fake gun or someone could heart attack under the stress… hyper reality have real consequences



Research Notes: https://fitzmusic87.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/p-e-research-for-vlog/


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