Retail & Distribution. week4

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Networking Music.

”Where do you see the potential for retail growth in your particular scene ?”

I currently still don’t know what scene my music fits into, My inspiration comes from a wide range of music and i might get creative with electronic IDM one day and the next write a song on my guitar, it depends on my mood & inspiration. I’m not sure that my performance skills as a singer are as good as my production, and although the pressure of being centre stage can be financially rewarding, it is also my holdback on trying to establish myself in the local live music scene. I have noticed that i often find myself trying organise sessions and make things happen in regards to a communal music practice. I just love to be around talented people making music.

I have two pseudonyms for the music i create,

Aj-Fitz. – Songwriter & Producer,

AphitZ. – Electronic experimental, IDM, Hardcore Techno and Drum & Bass.

”Im looking into launching my own digital label with a live stream showcase, ultimately i wish to be releasing my own music but also promoting my studio & producing skills for hire. I will be looking to network with local talent and events in turn creating an online community that can tune in to live streaming of jam sessions with interactive q&a.”

I was going to release a solid copy 4track EP for the Networking Music (NM) final brief, but now after blogging a studio session with some other students and the lectures in NM, i have decided to look into another idea. I have realised i am lucky to have the skills of songwriting, producing and performing so It may have the potential to be a future business model or record label.. At the moment it consists of a Facebook and Soundcloud page, I’m thinking of it a branded platform for local talent to collaborate, communalise, release music and share opportunities or projects. I need to research this further and get to work on the promotion and recording of my 4 track EP that will be launched as a freemium incentive. The online streaming of music is not economically sustainable however it is rapidly growing in terms of usage, i think this needs to be considered whilst developing the idea.

  • Things to do…?
  • look into how to be an established digital label
  • how to distribute (spotify, iTunes, ect)
  • find another artist to either collaborate with or record and release them
  • create brand and promote it
  • look at creative commons
  • sign up to PRS for music
  • Sign up to Ustream

Below is a short recording of the first Kaos Soul session at Caerleon Campus Studios.


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