UpBeaT. (week 1/2)

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Global Perspectives.

For the start of the Global Perspectives module we took part in a two-part samba workshop. One of the points highlighted was about looking out for future prospects using our skills as a musician. We talked about how teaching is a great way to not only make a living but give back to the community in a way that proves to be rewarding. transparentsmall

..Whilst we were exploring Samba on the drums provided, we were learning about different methods of communicating instructions to a larger group. Music and rhythm theory is not easy to understand for the potential non-musician in the group however, using ‘game’ methods like cue cards, short infantile rhymes or instructional hand gestures can orchestrate the groups musical performance. This requires a level of confidence, planning and preparation to facilitate group sessions and an ability to create engaging sessions that fulfil your objectives to the best of your ability..



week 2

“Who wants a cuppa tea?” 

For the second week of Global Perspectives we were given a task to come up with a game style’ system that we could try and play some Samba with the group. The idea is that were trying to teach the made up Samba progression to possible non-musicians..


Above is an attempt to visually show what i had tried out with the group. If you could imagine a steady beat or click, 1, 2, 3, 4.. and keep this repeating in your head or tap your foot.. The four small red dots at the top of the image represent each count.

Now say out loud the sentences written in the pink bars above, try to visualise the rhythms that the keyed instruments would play.. Each syllable represents a strike or shake on the indicated instrument. Here is a Samba game!

(i don’t know the qualities of quavers/semi-quavers ect

Here is a link to some other games with music http://www.mtrs.co.uk/games.htm


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