Global Perspectives – Final Brief Idea’s..

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Global Perspectives.

Immersive Improv Through Game Play.

My initial idea is to create a piece of improvised music around game play. Id like the piece to be fully immersive for the audience as well as the participant’s and i would also look into creating the game in a way that non-musicians could positively and creatively engage with. I originally thought of having 3 or 4 midi controllers all pre-set with some samples or loops. Then engaging the same midi controllers to some sort of visual stimuli via Max/MSP or Resoloom projection software to allow the participants to create an interactive musical/visual improvisation piece. Here is a visual sketch of how it might map out..

photo 2


Whilst sharing these ideas in the group we saw that my project idea and that of Ash Hughes is very similar and I’m excited to announce we will now be working in collaboration for this final brief project. Here are some of our ideas we discussed today..

photo 1

 We both agreed on the projection mapping idea and whilst discussing the ideas we thought instead of having the projection as a focal point screen at the back of the room, it would be much more immersive for the audience and or players if there was a box in the middle of the room where the projections could be projected from the out side. Maybe the audience or the participants could sit and play the game from inside the white box? We also discussed the possibility of using games console controllers for the music and visuals..

”Just thinking about sitting with a games controller in control of music and visual projections on to this immersive white sheeted room is pretty exciting…”

Now all we need to do is bring these ideas together for our first practice/troubleshooting session. Here is a little research of projection mapping and where i have seen these ideas before..





Upon looking how this is done, Resoloom software seems to be the way forward.


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