Digital Networked Music Making (week5/6)

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Global Perspectives.


Week 5’s session was aimed at looking at the future of music collaboration. In the age of technology, online platforms and are constantly being developed such as Skype, Here is some more information..


The ongoing issue that arises with live online jamming is latency however the ability to collaborate using an arrangement platform is here check out a free online platform where you can invite users to join in on the project.

We were split into two groups (A&B) then sent out to local areas to collect a bunch of field recordings. My group went into the local market place where there was an arcade game store with some retro consoles available to play. I paid for a few games on the original PacMan console and recorded the sounds from the speaker. We were instructed to bring back the recordings to start a collaboration project between group A&B in different rooms using the field recordings Ohmstudio.

Ohmstudio Brief. 


At the end of the session we were asked to go home and individually download and contribute something to the arrangement using the ohm studio software and field recordings. We were free to include our own samples so i added a kik drum and an amen break. As i was the first to sign in and attempt this brief i was able to set the project tempo and create this..





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