Project Pitch, Final Brief Change of Plan..

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Global Perspectives.

Due to other commitments the collaboration idea with Ash Hughes can’t go ahead. I will be expanding on my idea of game style improvisation using visual media as the triggers for change. I have started to experiment with Resoloom Avenue which is a software programme used for generating and manipulating graphics however after developing the idea of a cue card method, I have decided that Max/Msp will be able to provide me with exactly what i need.

The idea is to create a game were musicians can be prompted to change dynamics and musical key by a visual stimuli. The prompted change will be triggered by an audience member so that the musician can focus solely on the musical decisions. I also have invited another student Tim Miles on to the project as he is keen on the game idea.

Split Screen Improvising Game.. 

I had come up with a split screen method where two musicians can use the randomly selected images shown to symphonize an improvisation. These images would be basic shapes that represent the options in regards to where the improvisation can lead to within the boundaries of a chosen musical key. We spent about 2hours after todays project pitching session throwing ideas around, We talked about the different methods that musicians use when trying to come up with track ideas and Tim shown us an existing app called jam tracks..


I designed a few basic slides as if to be used as the images, here take a look. Slide10

Each shape would be on a separate slide and projected onto a screen so that the audience and the musicians could see. Notice the brief description of what each shape means in the key.. The screen would be split in two, left & right and a patch from Max/Msp would be able to generate the change between the images. The trigger can be anything from the space bar on a computer keyboard to a midi device button. A randomly selected image would be shown each side of the vertical split however not the same image on each side at the same time. for example


The musicians have the choice to play one of the chords or notes shown as letters inside each shape, however if the audience don’t like the improv jam they can press the trigger button to change the shape. These slides have been created using the circle of fifths. images

We decided to push on with the idea and went to see Aiden for some technical help. Within minutes we built a patch that could randomly generate a selection of chosen files.



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