NM Final Project Change Of Plan.

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Networking Music.

After the project pitch session for Networking Music I discussed some ideas with Tim, he advised that my idea of starting up a platform/label for collaborations may be a little too ambitious for this point in time. Although i know a couple of local artists i am not established enough in Newport as a singer songwriter and he explained that to get good quality media i would need more than one camera and advanced editing skills. We also discussed how little time we have before the hand in date so i would like to re-turn my attention on to my own music as i haven’t released any material officially in regards to an EP.

Back to my original idea…

Today Is A New Day


Today is a new day is a 4 track ep in promotion to an albums worth of original material that can be released later next year. Finding session players has proven to be difficult so i have produced an effort of a backing track for one song already and aim to do so for the whole EP.

Promotional Plan

I will sign up to PRS for music and look into how i can reach out to a larger audience via Youtube, Spotify or Deezer ect. I will also shoot a video of me recording these tracks in my studio, using them as a back drop to a 2minute documentary film explaining the inspiration of how each track come about and a brief insight to the musical production. Maybe call them ”The Making Of Today Is A New Day”

I will then release one of these videos each week during December 2014 as a promo blog via Youtube and Facebook in order to promote the freemium digital EP for download at christmas time.


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