GP. Development Session #2

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Global Perspectives.

27th Nov,

Looking back at last weeks session we decided we wanted to expand on the idea of a two player compositional game thats interactive with the audience. We want it to be musically and dynamically changeable and relatively easy enough for the beginner musician to get creative in jams in no time. Whilst playing the game last week we discovered the circle of fifths method of chord selection alone, would eventually randomly select a clashing chord progression.

 …Further Ideas,

For improving the graphics we like the idea of attaching each musical key to a planet and having the solar system as the visual representation on the interactive jam selection menu. We also liked the idea of the audience having the decision of what we play so we divided the play itself into three parts or choices..

  • The key of the music such as C, D, E, F, G, A, B,
  • The style in which the key is played like, Bluesy, Reggae, Country, Rock, Improv
  • The choice of which player plays the lead or rhythm

Before and during the performance these options can be changed but will have to be tried and tested after making the new slides. To help us visualise how it may look and because we don’t have access to max/msp at home, we made a paper mock up of the slides with the planets representing the keys, a list of the available chords in that specific key, and also the relative major/minor melody or lead options of the pentatonic version of that key

The controller or buttons will represent the three choices mentioned earlier and the next stage is to build the slides and visuals for the three choices


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