GP. Performance #1

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Music and Visual Media.

Today Tim and I tried out our split screen game in front of the group for the first time. I played the guitar and he played the piano. Our tutor Jack pressed the space bar to generate the max patch. Afterwards we talked about how we could develop the idea so the audience would have a more interactive part to play in the improvisation. We discussed how we could break down the performers visual instructions further, separating them over more buttons or controls for the audience..

(Im having difficulties embedding the video on to this page so heres the link to the video)

Tim and I also made some further suggestions about how to develop the idea,

  1. In order to get a musical result out of the game, the random selection process must coincide with some form of musical theory as some of the selections for example D & A in the circle of fifths can be a clash..
  2. Look into expanding on the images and give each picture some more instructions, for example a chord chart and some information on chord families, (more potential chords structures in a given key)
  3. We also discussed how the aesthetics can be developed for example using planets to

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