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Reach. by Mr.Fitz

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Networking Music.


Find my Final Essay on Philosophical Encounters titled,

David Bowie, Music Philosopher or Beyond Recognition? 


Practice Run #1

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Global Perspectives.

Today was the first practice run of the installation having needed to be adapted again. Tim is in America so we decided to try out a global interaction using Skype. The narrative of the installation is ‘Saving Our Solar System’.


There are 7 planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune. Audience members take the planets (in this case balloons) on an orbit around the sun after establishing there planet & astronaut ID to ‘Mission Control’. Mission control will be the Skype video conversation with Tim in America. Whilst on an orbit around the sun a musical improvisation will take place whilst ‘Mission Control’ will give fun facts about the relative orbiting planet. The music improvisation will come from me on the keyboard and Tim will use a guitar through Skype. Hopefully the inflatable planets will arrive in time for the final performance however there is another dress rehearsal on wednesday 21st jan. We will work on the script for the installation and set it up with more care for the dress rehearsal.

Funding Research

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Networking Music.

After doing some research using the links provided in lectures i found that there are a lot of funding opportunities for potential future projects or business ideas. Here is a list of some of the potential and current opportunities.

Future opportunities..

Using the Arts Council Wales


  1. Funding for creative professionals.

This is a fund for creative professionals who wish to make a sustainable living out of there art however I am not eligible yet as I am in full time education.


  1. Interest Free Loans.

‘’The scheme provides interest-free* loans to individual artists for any reasonable purpose that will assist with the costs of running a professional creative practice.’’

To be eligible for this you have to be out of education for a year but you can apply for any equipment or marketing promotions ect. This is a good opportunity should I not be successful after graduating CSM.

After browsing on I found a search engine on there called the funding wizard, here are a couple I found on there,


  1. Emerging musicians, this is a post-graduate talent program.


  1. Emerging excellence award, this is for creative individuals to apply for upto £3000.

PRS for Music Foundation.


  1. Finding New Music   – Open Funding.


To be eligible for this I need 18months professional record and also you cant apply if you’re a student so again, it is a potential route for the future. Some up and coming artists have managed to gain traction in the mainstream industry through funding.

Years & Years Take Years & Years for example. They have been awarded the best new up coming sound for 2015 and have been funded by momentum music fund. You must already have an established fan base, label or manager and is to help boost a career to the next level.

Momentum Music Fund

 Current Opportunities…

EMI Music Foundation is also from the funding wizard and provides help with instruments equipment and I am eligible to apply for upto £2000 being a student.


This paper will explore some of the early works of David Bowie on his road to stardom, using philosophical theories studied to answer whether he is a music philosopher or beyond recognition?


Riding The Rhizome…


In 1980 French philosophers and psychoanalyst Deleuze & Guattari wrote A Thousand Plateaus. Relaying conversation over theoretical concepts and critical analysis, the concept of Tree Thinking was introduced. Tree thinking suggests a right and wrong way of doing things, ‘As if we had a tree growing in our heads’, we think from a logical point of view, coming from an authentic standpoint reaching out to a final destination. This is quite an autonomous concept, setting a standard suggesting that anything that doesn’t coincide with it is said to be an

imitation or trace of the real thing.


‘’It is our view that genetic axis and profound structure are above all infinitely reproducible principles of tracing. All tree logic is a logic of tracing and reproduction.’’

(Deleuze 1980, p13.)


Tree thinking or tracing also relates to standardization of mass production, this is when a product has its qualities standardized for the financial or useable conveniences for the general public.


Theodor Adorno talks about how the standardization of works loses the artistic integrity and the loss of freedom to fully express by creating boundaries. (


On the other hand Guattari explained the brain is more like a grass than a tree because thought is not arborescent. To elaborate there is nothing new under the sun, everything that is develops from a past expression. Ideas evolve from past expressions and experiences by absorbing and processing these experiences or concepts along the rhizomatic journey of development. The definition of a rhizome is


“a root like subterranean stem, commonly horizontal in position, that usually produces roots below and sends up shoots progressively from the upper surface.”


In its lifetime it will go through multiple processes of transformation and metamorphosis. At any given point a rhizome can be severed, however similar to bacteria it will find a way to independently thrive whatever its circumstance. Each junction or part of the rhizome holds the essential DNA or genetic blueprint for growth but is not subsequently a trace of the first. There is neither a specific start nor end to the rhizome and it creates a structure of functional multiplicities, rather like the music industry itself. The industry could be described as rhizomatic in regards to its multiplicity of smaller well connected companies such as; film companies, publishing/recording companies, labels, touring managers, performance and venue managers all networking coherently toward the success of the artist and rhizomatic growth of the industry. Geoffrey West a British Theoretical Physicist from the Santa Fe Institute stated,


(‘our cities are like organisms, streets are like capillaries, and manmade systems are looking more like natural systems everyday.)


He also hosted a Ted talk titled ‘The Surprising Math Of Cities And Corporations’ and claimed that,


(‘’All of life is controlled by networks, from the intra-cellular, to the multi-cellular to the eco system level.’’)

( – t-158226)


Meet David…


Originally named David Robert Jones the future super star was born in Brixton, South London in 1947. At sixteen he began his self-motivated career as a becoming musician as he took on the saxophone. The term becoming musician refers to the philosophy from A thousand Plateaus implying that imitation is accepted in the eyes of ‘becoming animal’, in other words, aspiring to be like with an individual spin instead of exact copying. Their philosophy goes on to say,


‘’Ideas are there to be reused, they do not die…

‘’This is because nature is conceived as an enormous mimesis: either in the form of a chain of beings perpetually imitating each other toward a divine term… p235


…and should there be nothing left to imitate, then,

“..itself becomes a model everything else imitates, this time by ordered difference”



Changing his name from Jones to Bowie in 1965 gave him a chance to make his own territory. According to Deleuze we build territories in our lives everyday in the world, at work and at home,


(..But home does not pre-exist: it was necessary to draw a circle around that uncertain and fragile center, to organize a limited space.)

(Deleuze, P311, 1980).


The new alias was necessary to prevent public confusion with the recent launch to fame of another musician also named Davey Jones, a member of pop band The Monkee’s. In an interview with William Burroughs and The Guardian Bowie stated,


’The name Bowie just appealed to me when I was younger. I was into a kind of heavy philosophy thing when I was 16 years old, and I wanted a truism about cutting through the lies and all that.’’



In 1965 at the age of 18 Bowie was expressing more of his creativity taking interest in mime theatre. He was inspired by the work of Anthony Newley a famous writer, singer, dancer, entertainer and comedy film director. In 1967 David Bowie demonstrated his individual creativity again. The quirky children’s novelty record, ‘The Laughing Gnome’, didn’t manage to take off it was indicative to his inspirations of the works of Newley. Still searching for stardom in 1969 his whimsical pop video ‘love you till Tuesday’ showed him dressed in a flared Austin Powers style trouser suit, quite typical of the era, the aesthetics of the fashion and video production were standardized of 1960’s popular culture. The ‘Love you till Tuesday’ record had about the same success as ‘The Laughing Gnome’. It started to become apparent that although changing his name may have gave him a new identity, and a chance at a new territory, the standardized pop approach just didn’t seem to work for Bowie. Around this time is when he found his success for a couple of years as a touring mime artist and only taking the stage once in a while for a vocal performance. Looking at the variety of his early projects and recordings, it is obvious Bowie’s creativity expands over a wide spectrum of arts. Was he intentionally trying to have a go at anything to get a jump-start in the creative industry? Switching through various mediums on a journey of self-discovery, it could be said he was riding the rhizome.


‘’I would try and get involved in anything that I felt that would be useful at all as artistic medium, I was trying to be a one man revolution’’

Bowie. 5.30seconds in


These early creative years of Bowie and attempts to gain traction in the industry fell short however, was this through Tree Thinking? Approaching the delivery of his music with standardized aesthetics shows he was trying to follow the existing standard methods where other pop acts had before been successful.



Refrain! Ziggy Is Born…

 ‘’The self is an intermittent and complex process but not a thing’’

 German philosopher Thomas Metzinger believes that ‘the self’ does not exist and the pre-conception of the self is a reflection of all we have seen or experienced in the world. Is this a rhizomatic reflection given the constant process of developing ones self, a persons consciousness and life experiences. Was the birth of Ziggy nothing more than a creative plea to be as far away as possible from the norm or did Bowie approach the turn in his career.


Bowie was yet to give up on a music career. In 1969 he took the world by storm with his original fashion trends, territories, hyper-reality and newly spawned alter ego, Ziggy Stardust! By taking inspiration from the works of novelist William Burroughs and Stanley Kubricks ‘Clockwork Orange’ released in 1971, Bowie clearly demonstrates he can put his own spin on experiences of art he found interesting or useful.


‘’..the shape and the look of what Ziggy and the Spiders were going to become’’ from the wild boys and from Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film version of A Clockwork Orange (1962): “They were both powerful pieces of work, especially the marauding boy gangs of Burroughs’ Wild Boys with their bowie knives. I got straight on to that. I read everything into everything. Everything had to be infinitely symbolic.”

(Bowie, The Guardian)



Bowie consciously or unconsciously must have undergone the process of the refrain in order to create Ziggy Stardust and his mesmerizing nature. The refrain is another concept from Deleuze and Guattari’s book A Thousand Plateaus, explaining how discovering new things or idea’s is a 3-step process. The process is as follows;

  1. Identifying your self or your actions, the self can be also interpreted as the individual active components in any multiplicity.
  2. Identifying your surroundings or territory, this can be interpreted as the rhythm or regular patterns of behaviour.
  3. The conscious decision to move out of the pre-habited territory into the void or allow another to merge with yours.

This process is not always consecutive and can happen in any order


(A mistake in speed, rhythm, or harmony would be catastrophic because it would bring back the forces of chaos, destroying both creator and creation….

…One launches forth, hazards an improvisation. But to improvise is to join the world, or meld with it.)

(Deleuze, P311. 1980.)

 (From chaos, milieus and rhythms are born)

(Deleuze, P313. 1980)

 In order to create something new out of pre-existing territories or ideas, according to Deleuze & Guattari we should shut off our senses, let go of every kind of labeling we already know of. This is to equip any subject to be able to break out of existing conditions or venture out to the new.


(The Body without Organs is what remains when you take everything away. What you take away is precisely the phantasy, and signifies and subjectifications as a whole.)

(Deleuze, P151. 1980)


Is it actually possible to eliminate all sensory input? Joe Rogan an American actor and stand up comedian has recently contributed to the rising information of sensory deprivation by reviewing the tanks with great enthusiasm, he claims that


(‘I start thinking all kinds of crazy stuff, without the body in the way

Everyone should be doing it’).


Did Bowie knowingly shut down his senses using his own body without organs to create Ziggy Stardust? Is he really an extra-terrestrial rock star come to save planet earth? A fully immersive experience was created along with the hit ‘Starman’ performed on Top Of The Pops 1972 climbing to number five in the charts, his greatest success to date. The character Ziggy was always ahead of his time by de-territorializing his audience with his futuristic sound, enigmatic performances and provocative nature. According to Deleuze fakery, forging, copying, imitating goods, ideas and realities all have strong grounds to be considered a reality in their own right. The simulation isn’t as equal as the original but has a genuine experience attached to its generational audience.


Hyper reality is a concept to explain the grey areas between the true and the false. The fact that every copy is only a rhizomatic trace of the original, it gains its originality by being a separate entity. Did his audience understand his bowie-knife cut-through the standardized lies’ intentions or was he politically, spiritually and culturally beyond recognition. In the BBC documentary ‘ The story of Ziggy Stardust’ Bowie say’s


‘’I just couldn’t stand the premise of going on in jeans and being real, I mean its not normal.’’


When art or music is presenting itself as hyper-real it detaches the audience from everyday reality, consequently highlighting the everyday ‘real’ and equally the ever-fading line between the virtual and the actual. Was this the secret to Ziggy’s success? According to Thomas Metzinger a German Philosopher he claims that,


Developing a consciousness culture has nothing to do with establishing a religion or a particular political agenda. On the contrary, a true consciousness culture will always be subversive, by encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own lives.”

Thomas Metzinger


Disney Land is another perfect example of a hyper reality. Making business from the experience of meeting life size fictional characters knowing they are only puppets is precisely simulacrum in the industry, an imitation giving a genuine experience of its own. Social theorist Jean Baudrillard claims that


simulacrum is not a copy of the real but becomes truth in its own light.’’



With technology rapidly evolving our reality and hyper-reality is becoming a thriving industry the line between the virtual and the actual is becoming more transparent. So how do we define a genuine experience and more to the point, how do we define ourselves?


In the book Sonic Warfare Steve Goodman explores the affect of sound on the body and its use for weaponry.


‘’Sound has a seductive power to caress the skin, to immerse, to sooth, beckon, and heal, to modulate the brainwaves and massage the release of certain hormones within the body.’’ P10


 How was it that Bowie as Ziggy was able to captivate an audience the way he did? Whitheads philosophy on ‘throbs of experience’ explains the more visual and audible stimuli given at once the more the brain is entertained. ‘’Throbs of experience’ states it takes approximately .2 seconds for our brains to register the sensory input of the ‘now’, our conception of now is always theoretically the past.


As modern-day neuroscience tells us, we are never in touch with the present, because neural information-processing itself takes time. Signals take time to travel from your sensory organs along the multiple neuronal pathways in your body to your brain, and they take time to be processed and transformed into objects, scenes, and complex situations. So, strictly speaking, what you are experiencing as the present moment is actually the past.”

(Thomas Metzinger, The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self)

 Bowie’s theatrical costume, his futuristic sound and his provocative manner gave the audience a wealth of things to process and absorb resulting in him breaking the standardized pop culture aesthetic and being the most controversial artist of his time. The multiple elements of his performance of Ziggy in this hyper reality that the character had created entertained the audience’s brains to high levels.


’Through difference and repetition the process it undergoes is that of actualization.’’

(Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition. 2004: 263)


Investigating Bowie’s early career up to the creation of Ziggy Stardust has shown that his music career has been rhizomatic in nature according to philosophical theories. Findings have shown that he had the ability to use the process of the refrain reviewing the three-step process at each rhizomatic junction/project, each time nearing closer to success. Bowie seemed to show desensitization of himself to create a body without organs allowing him to envisage the charismatic character of the future that was Ziggy Stardust and the creation of the captivating hyper reality of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. David Bowie’s ability to constantly explore new territories and reinvent himself has given him continuous success up until the present day. Through my research I believe that David Bowie was himself a music philosopher he often talked about being a deep thinker in to meanings of things and meanings of meanings, everything having a symbolic explanation.




Deleuze and Guattarri (1988). Thousand Plateaus. 2nd ed. London: Continnuum. p13. – t-158226)

Deleuze and Guattarri (1988). Thousand Plateaus. 2nd ed. London: Continnuum. p311

Deleuze and Guattarri (1988). Thousand Plateaus. 2nd ed. London: Continnuum. p313, p151.

Deleuze. G, (2004). Difference and Repetition. 2nd Ed. London: Continnuum. p263.





Reach. Project Analysis

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Networking Music.

Originally the name for this ep was ‘Today Is A New Day’ however whilst on the production process I decided that ‘Reach For The Skies’ is not only my strongest track out of the three, but also the closest I have got to finding a sound Im happy with promoting for consumption. Turning acoustic songs that were written on the guitar into full productions and trying to create an online profile, as a songwriter, writer & producer has been the very experiment and motive behind this ep.  Although what were eventually released are the same 3 tracks as planned, the aesthetic, title of the ep and the release plan had met challenges that forced me to re-think about myself as an artist and reschedule the ep release.

The Original Release Plan..

‘Today Is A New Day”


 My original release plan was to promote and release one track every Friday over three weeks in the run up to Christmas 2014. Upon the final release I would promote the download link for the ep aswell as the final track. I designed an image and posted in on my artist page to promote the ep.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.23.31

All For You Video

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.28.54

This was supposed to be a performance teaser video however the during the editing my creative side took over.. ‘All For You’ was ready for the first release date however due to a bereavement I chose to release the track a day early. After promoting this video on Facebook through uploading to an older Youtube account, I noticed that some of my other uni work was visible too, people were sharing my older artist and profile pages and this looked unprofessional. I decided to take Kob’s advice from Ryde Studios and start a new Soundcloud page, a new Youtube page and give them all the same name specifically for the promotion of my new music. This proved difficult, my original name on my facebook artist page was Fitz. When trying to set up Youtube and Soundcloud accounts with this name it wasn’t available and I also found there was more than one artist with the same name and more Facebook fans than me, example below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.36.43

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.37.51

Aesthetics & Profiling…

Forced to re-think about my musical alias I didn’t want to create a name that was far away from my real name. I noticed amongst many mainstream artists that the word ‘official’ normally comes after the artists name on their Youtube and Facebook pages.

Mr.Fitz Official was established after trying many different ways of spelling and punctuating the name, also checking the availability on all online platforms was vital. I now had a blank Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp page. I kept my Twitter, Facebook and Reverbnation fans by using my existing pages but changing the name to that of my new alias. I wasn’t happy with the idea of promoting still image videos to a new Youtube page, so a music video seemed the best idea to give the Youtube page some views. In the comments section below I planned to post links to the ep download and social media sites. Although I have demonstrated I can produce music and edit video, I decided that I needed to invest in myself to develop these skills further. I booked a slot with Ryde Studios to shoot a video for ‘Reach For The Skies’ but it wasn’t possible until the 2nd Jan 2015. I posted an apology on Facebook saying I had to postpone the release on 19th December and decided not to give another date as I didn’t know for sure.

After watching the uploaded video for ‘All For You’ over December, I started to dislike it, I thought the whole video lost integrity halfway through, it was really cheesy and was precisely what I was trying to escape from by creating new media pages.

The New Ep… Reach.

After promoting and postponing a release online, fighting with myself about the integrity of my music, and releasing a cheesy video I felt embarrassed behind the scenes, These are the reasons as well as ep title change I didn’t really promote the second track ‘Today Is A New Day’..

 I wanted to wait until the video for ‘Reach For The Skies’ was ready and use it as the main attraction of the release. I decided to change the name of ep to ‘Reach’ and use some freeze frames from the video as the album artwork.

Below is the Band camp site where the ep is available for download

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.49.43

Here is the sound cloud page

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.52.45

Youtube channel,

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 04.01.26

Below is a picture of the release post,

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 04.05.19


After setting up a new Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and changing the name on my Facebook and Twitter accounts to consolidate the profile I uploaded the three tracks to..

  • Sound cloud
  • Band camp
  • Reverbnation

– free downloads are available from these site.

In an effort of a promotion campaign I uploaded to BBC Introducing and also tweeted Adam Walton from BBC radio Wales however I’m not sure this content is good enough for the radio, there has been no reply.

I have been promoting the music video of Reach For The Skies as the main attraction to this ep on Facebook, then in the comments section is links to my other social media and Bandcamp downloads. I joined a few different music promotion pages in an effort to gain more Facebook fans. I have since promoted the whole ep, music video and download links every other day and will do so for the next month or so.


This project has challenged me greatly. I didn’t meet my original release plan but I am glad that I chose two of my cheesiest acoustic tracks to use as an experiment to find my desired sound bearing in mind I have never produced songs before only electronic music. For future reference I learnt that the production of any music itself must be completed before any promotion is started. Trying to produce tracks off of the same ep whilst promoting it at the same time is too much to handle. I understand now why there are so many subdivisions of the industry such as publishing and production ect.

Although I feel I’m constantly changing as an artist I am quite happy overall with this project. It has made me re-think about my online artistic profile, how I promote my music and put behind me my older amateur sounding tracks. I believe I have created a platform that has a little integrity. I believe I did engage successfully with my audience as I gained more facebook fans over the course of the release. All of my online profiles are all linked together and I now aim to release some new music every three months and will be taking all I have learned and experienced from this project with me.

On Friday the 9th January i decided to release the newly transformed Ep  through the promotion of the music video on social media. Using the video as the main focus point the links are all provided for the download links underneath in the comments section. Although i have uploaded the music to BBC introducing I don’t feel that i targeted an audience outside of my current circle but there is reason behind this, Im currently still in a process of finding my sound. I have a few more songs written and ready for the studio i look on to taking this experience forward with me.

I have learnt through this project that the moment something is recorded, is the moment you can visualise a step forward, so when it comes to being creative with music, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know!

”The self is not a thing but a process”
















Ep Update

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Networking Music.


Although I had not updated my blog with my release plan I did create one and start to role it out over december 2014.

Today Is A New Day

  • All For You
  • Today Is A New Day
  • Reach For The Skies

This 3track single is an experiment with two outcomes in mind..

  1. For the first time, produce some of my acoustic songs, experimenting to ‘find a sound‘.
  2. Boost my online profile as a songwriter and producer now this is the career i wish to pursue.

My pre-existing online profile were,






Also BBC Introducing,

This project is still active with two tracks having been released and the final track/available download is to be released between 7th and 11th Jan 2015. My original idea was to release 3 recordings over three weeks. Available for download on sound cloud, iTunes & spotify after the last single release. I would approach my artist & ep promotion on Facebook, twitter,  and also release performances of the tracks on youtube.


On December 1st i announced on my Facebook artist page that i was releasing an ep over the festive period. I asked my friends and family to share the announcement so I also created an image that could be uploaded for promotional post. On December 2nd my repost was shared 23 times and my fans started to steadily grow.

see here,

Whilst editing the performance of the first track ‘all for you’ the shoot span creatively out of control and it became a real cheesy bad effort of a music video..

I decided to release the video for All For You a day early.

I quickly noticed that a couple of my friends were sharing older Facebook and sound cloud accounts in promotion of my new music. In a guest lecture, Kob from Ryde Studios explained that the best way to get the most out of your online social networking profiles was to have every account with the same artist name and all going to the same email address. This was a problem for me as my existing Sound cloud, Youtube and Facebook were all assigned to different email addresses. I decided to make new online profiles for my new music and link them all into one.

At first i was having problems on youtube having the same name as my Facebook page so i had to come up with a new name that all accounts could accept… Mr.Fitz Official was born. A new email address, new sound cloud, new youtube, the same face book fans but with a new name and a application in process for the distribution with iTunes and Spotify. As the new online profiles started to take shape with my repeated profile pictures i liked the aesthetics and i wanted to really think about the material I’m releasing on this new consolidated online profile. I didn’t want the Facebook released video all for you to go out on my new youtube page.

I had an idea..

I should invest in a little production and shoot a decent music video for reach for the skies, the last track of the ep. Upload that on youtube as the only upload (at the moment), direct viewers in the comments section to the sound cloud, iTunes and spotify links and this way I’m directing the traffic through my youtube.

This way Reach For The Skies is my first official single as a songwriter and producer.

On December 19th i made a Facebook announcement the ep release is being postponed. I haven’t actually announced another date. I will know but the end of monday 5th jan. I know its close but i really want to make a good video for reach for the skies. The two recordings of All For You & Today Is A New Day are available on sound cloud. I have uploaded the ep on to BBC Introducing. I haven’t yet uploaded the ep to iTunes or spotify but plan to do so this week.