Ep Update

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Networking Music.


Although I had not updated my blog with my release plan I did create one and start to role it out over december 2014.

Today Is A New Day

  • All For You
  • Today Is A New Day
  • Reach For The Skies

This 3track single is an experiment with two outcomes in mind..

  1. For the first time, produce some of my acoustic songs, experimenting to ‘find a sound‘.
  2. Boost my online profile as a songwriter and producer now this is the career i wish to pursue.

My pre-existing online profile were,

Facebook,     https://www.facebook.com/pages/MrFitz-Official/269523266582758

Youtube,       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rlmL0R1RQOuM82MQzTXtw

Soundcloud,    https://soundcloud.com/aj-fitz

Reverbnation,    http://www.reverbnation.com/ajfitz?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav

Twitter,         https://twitter.com/MrFitzOfficial

Also BBC Introducing,

This project is still active with two tracks having been released and the final track/available download is to be released between 7th and 11th Jan 2015. My original idea was to release 3 recordings over three weeks. Available for download on sound cloud, iTunes & spotify after the last single release. I would approach my artist & ep promotion on Facebook, twitter,  and also release performances of the tracks on youtube.


On December 1st i announced on my Facebook artist page that i was releasing an ep over the festive period. I asked my friends and family to share the announcement so I also created an image that could be uploaded for promotional post. On December 2nd my repost was shared 23 times and my fans started to steadily grow.

see here,


Whilst editing the performance of the first track ‘all for you’ the shoot span creatively out of control and it became a real cheesy bad effort of a music video..

I decided to release the video for All For You a day early.


I quickly noticed that a couple of my friends were sharing older Facebook and sound cloud accounts in promotion of my new music. In a guest lecture, Kob from Ryde Studios explained that the best way to get the most out of your online social networking profiles was to have every account with the same artist name and all going to the same email address. This was a problem for me as my existing Sound cloud, Youtube and Facebook were all assigned to different email addresses. I decided to make new online profiles for my new music and link them all into one.

At first i was having problems on youtube having the same name as my Facebook page so i had to come up with a new name that all accounts could accept… Mr.Fitz Official was born. A new email address, new sound cloud, new youtube, the same face book fans but with a new name and a ditto.com application in process for the distribution with iTunes and Spotify. As the new online profiles started to take shape with my repeated profile pictures i liked the aesthetics and i wanted to really think about the material I’m releasing on this new consolidated online profile. I didn’t want the Facebook released video all for you to go out on my new youtube page.

I had an idea..

I should invest in a little production and shoot a decent music video for reach for the skies, the last track of the ep. Upload that on youtube as the only upload (at the moment), direct viewers in the comments section to the sound cloud, iTunes and spotify links and this way I’m directing the traffic through my youtube.

This way Reach For The Skies is my first official single as a songwriter and producer.

On December 19th i made a Facebook announcement the ep release is being postponed. I haven’t actually announced another date. I will know but the end of monday 5th jan. I know its close but i really want to make a good video for reach for the skies. The two recordings of All For You & Today Is A New Day are available on sound cloud. I have uploaded the ep on to BBC Introducing. I haven’t yet uploaded the ep to iTunes or spotify but plan to do so this week.





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