Reach. Project Analysis

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Networking Music.

Originally the name for this ep was ‘Today Is A New Day’ however whilst on the production process I decided that ‘Reach For The Skies’ is not only my strongest track out of the three, but also the closest I have got to finding a sound Im happy with promoting for consumption. Turning acoustic songs that were written on the guitar into full productions and trying to create an online profile, as a songwriter, writer & producer has been the very experiment and motive behind this ep.  Although what were eventually released are the same 3 tracks as planned, the aesthetic, title of the ep and the release plan had met challenges that forced me to re-think about myself as an artist and reschedule the ep release.

The Original Release Plan..

‘Today Is A New Day”


 My original release plan was to promote and release one track every Friday over three weeks in the run up to Christmas 2014. Upon the final release I would promote the download link for the ep aswell as the final track. I designed an image and posted in on my artist page to promote the ep.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.23.31

All For You Video

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.28.54

This was supposed to be a performance teaser video however the during the editing my creative side took over.. ‘All For You’ was ready for the first release date however due to a bereavement I chose to release the track a day early. After promoting this video on Facebook through uploading to an older Youtube account, I noticed that some of my other uni work was visible too, people were sharing my older artist and profile pages and this looked unprofessional. I decided to take Kob’s advice from Ryde Studios and start a new Soundcloud page, a new Youtube page and give them all the same name specifically for the promotion of my new music. This proved difficult, my original name on my facebook artist page was Fitz. When trying to set up Youtube and Soundcloud accounts with this name it wasn’t available and I also found there was more than one artist with the same name and more Facebook fans than me, example below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.36.43

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.37.51

Aesthetics & Profiling…

Forced to re-think about my musical alias I didn’t want to create a name that was far away from my real name. I noticed amongst many mainstream artists that the word ‘official’ normally comes after the artists name on their Youtube and Facebook pages.

Mr.Fitz Official was established after trying many different ways of spelling and punctuating the name, also checking the availability on all online platforms was vital. I now had a blank Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp page. I kept my Twitter, Facebook and Reverbnation fans by using my existing pages but changing the name to that of my new alias. I wasn’t happy with the idea of promoting still image videos to a new Youtube page, so a music video seemed the best idea to give the Youtube page some views. In the comments section below I planned to post links to the ep download and social media sites. Although I have demonstrated I can produce music and edit video, I decided that I needed to invest in myself to develop these skills further. I booked a slot with Ryde Studios to shoot a video for ‘Reach For The Skies’ but it wasn’t possible until the 2nd Jan 2015. I posted an apology on Facebook saying I had to postpone the release on 19th December and decided not to give another date as I didn’t know for sure.

After watching the uploaded video for ‘All For You’ over December, I started to dislike it, I thought the whole video lost integrity halfway through, it was really cheesy and was precisely what I was trying to escape from by creating new media pages.

The New Ep… Reach.

After promoting and postponing a release online, fighting with myself about the integrity of my music, and releasing a cheesy video I felt embarrassed behind the scenes, These are the reasons as well as ep title change I didn’t really promote the second track ‘Today Is A New Day’..

 I wanted to wait until the video for ‘Reach For The Skies’ was ready and use it as the main attraction of the release. I decided to change the name of ep to ‘Reach’ and use some freeze frames from the video as the album artwork.

Below is the Band camp site where the ep is available for download

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.49.43

Here is the sound cloud page

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 03.52.45

Youtube channel,

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 04.01.26

Below is a picture of the release post,

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 04.05.19


After setting up a new Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and changing the name on my Facebook and Twitter accounts to consolidate the profile I uploaded the three tracks to..

  • Sound cloud
  • Band camp
  • Reverbnation

– free downloads are available from these site.

In an effort of a promotion campaign I uploaded to BBC Introducing and also tweeted Adam Walton from BBC radio Wales however I’m not sure this content is good enough for the radio, there has been no reply.

I have been promoting the music video of Reach For The Skies as the main attraction to this ep on Facebook, then in the comments section is links to my other social media and Bandcamp downloads. I joined a few different music promotion pages in an effort to gain more Facebook fans. I have since promoted the whole ep, music video and download links every other day and will do so for the next month or so.


This project has challenged me greatly. I didn’t meet my original release plan but I am glad that I chose two of my cheesiest acoustic tracks to use as an experiment to find my desired sound bearing in mind I have never produced songs before only electronic music. For future reference I learnt that the production of any music itself must be completed before any promotion is started. Trying to produce tracks off of the same ep whilst promoting it at the same time is too much to handle. I understand now why there are so many subdivisions of the industry such as publishing and production ect.

Although I feel I’m constantly changing as an artist I am quite happy overall with this project. It has made me re-think about my online artistic profile, how I promote my music and put behind me my older amateur sounding tracks. I believe I have created a platform that has a little integrity. I believe I did engage successfully with my audience as I gained more facebook fans over the course of the release. All of my online profiles are all linked together and I now aim to release some new music every three months and will be taking all I have learned and experienced from this project with me.

On Friday the 9th January i decided to release the newly transformed Ep  through the promotion of the music video on social media. Using the video as the main focus point the links are all provided for the download links underneath in the comments section. Although i have uploaded the music to BBC introducing I don’t feel that i targeted an audience outside of my current circle but there is reason behind this, Im currently still in a process of finding my sound. I have a few more songs written and ready for the studio i look on to taking this experience forward with me.

I have learnt through this project that the moment something is recorded, is the moment you can visualise a step forward, so when it comes to being creative with music, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know!

”The self is not a thing but a process”

















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