Funding Research

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Networking Music.

After doing some research using the links provided in lectures i found that there are a lot of funding opportunities for potential future projects or business ideas. Here is a list of some of the potential and current opportunities.

Future opportunities..

Using the Arts Council Wales


  1. Funding for creative professionals.

This is a fund for creative professionals who wish to make a sustainable living out of there art however I am not eligible yet as I am in full time education.


  1. Interest Free Loans.

‘’The scheme provides interest-free* loans to individual artists for any reasonable purpose that will assist with the costs of running a professional creative practice.’’

To be eligible for this you have to be out of education for a year but you can apply for any equipment or marketing promotions ect. This is a good opportunity should I not be successful after graduating CSM.

After browsing on I found a search engine on there called the funding wizard, here are a couple I found on there,


  1. Emerging musicians, this is a post-graduate talent program.


  1. Emerging excellence award, this is for creative individuals to apply for upto £3000.

PRS for Music Foundation.


  1. Finding New Music   – Open Funding.


To be eligible for this I need 18months professional record and also you cant apply if you’re a student so again, it is a potential route for the future. Some up and coming artists have managed to gain traction in the mainstream industry through funding.

Years & Years Take Years & Years for example. They have been awarded the best new up coming sound for 2015 and have been funded by momentum music fund. You must already have an established fan base, label or manager and is to help boost a career to the next level.

Momentum Music Fund

 Current Opportunities…

EMI Music Foundation is also from the funding wizard and provides help with instruments equipment and I am eligible to apply for upto £2000 being a student.



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