Concept Paper.. (ideas)

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Dissertation Literature Review





Sound is all around us, how much of it we pay attention to is debatable. I hope to find inspirational & educational information and explore the relationship should there be one, between sound and consciousness.

Understanding the basic laws of physics we know everything that is, is that of vibrational frequencies holding matter together at a sub atomic level, We all feel emotional connections and responses to various music… can sound be responsible or used to aid humanity or consciousness? We have ultra sound and kidney stone blasting with sound waves and also people deterrent.

Here is the initial sketch of the desired subject matters for my dissertation literature review. I am going to look at the relationship between sound and consciousness.Although it may be a broad subject at this point in the beginning stages i plan to look at it from two points of view, Science of sound & Spirituality/Ancient Traditions.

We can also see sound creating a plethora of visual impressions through siamatics.. Can we map the relationship between siamatics and consciousness to our chakras? Can music or sound specifically aid ones consciousness or heal someone as opposed to being used as a weapon? (sonic warfare) What is the relationship between the golden ratio to the musical qualities of sound.. And more importantly….. Can vibrational sound alter atomic reality…..??

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