Elevator Pitch

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research


My idea for this project is a two track single. This project will need a band which i will have to put together, and also need some AV attention. Cameras and framing are important as this Ep will be available for free download but the downloads are the live recordings of the videoed performances. This means that band practice sessions are very important and i will also need an engineer on the desk for live mix recording.

The reasons behind this project..

I’ll get to try out working with a band as a solo writer, project developer, producer & performer, also these particular tracks chosen are not exactly the kind of sound or style I’m currently pursuing so to record it as a performance Ep, may give the tracks and performance some integrity. I will upload the videos to my Mr.Fitz Official Youtube channel and the available downloads to my Soundcloud & Bandcamp accounts.

I already have the beginning stages of this band and the tracks are laid out on this PDF that i have sent to the band members, Next stop for this project is practice sessions and attend a camera workshop.



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