Intended Work Experience..

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research



My dream job is to work as a successful songwriter and producer either for a major label or work independently. I wish to be in employment where my creativity and skills are at the forefront of the job. I do have youth engagement experience working with vulnerable homeless and education or information was the desired key outcomes of the sessions. Working with young people who are not in education or training (N.E.A.T’s) would be a desired route but music and creativity would have to be the underlying apparatus for the engagement. I could also stay on at university gain a masters on sound production and teach it at a college level. This way I’m teaching people who are actually interested in music rather than young NEAT’s without a focus.

Desired future employment in order..

  1. Songwriter/ Record Producer for major label or independent
  2. Teach music production at college level
  3. Community Youth Engagement with music as the underlying tool


I have already contacted these professions for possible work experience…


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