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Posted: February 6, 2015 in Advanced Production Techniques

Having been asked to produce a short playlist that is relevant to my latest work, this is a youtube playlist i have created. My last work ‘Reach For The Skies’ was an experiment to try and find a sound & for the first time, fully produce a track i had written on the acoustic guitar. I don’t usually listen to music online through playlists so this is my only one and i have tried to keep it relative to my influences growing up as well as current musical sounds and interests.

Here is a few titles off the playlist and ill explain what it is that influences or inspires me…

Apex – Purity.

I like the production of this track, It surely sounds electronic. The reesy’ baseline and dance structure with long build ups and drops.. The baseline itself and the prominence of the drums is what really gets me here.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop.

For me, this track is a great ‘droptop-down’ summertime cruising track! That might be something to do with nostalgia but the riff and vocal harmonics in this track is probably my favourite elements. I like the rawness or acoustic-esque sound coming from the drums. it sounds like the the snare is really tight and guitar and bass are not processed too much that they take up a lot of the frequencies.

Pearl Jam – State of Love & Trust.

This track ignites my love for the guitar & performance..  I would love to be able to belt out lyrics a little like this, I’m currently looking into vocal coaching. I really like the ‘unplugged’ sound. I think this will be a future exploration with a couple of my own tracks.

Death Grips – No Love.

How much more political can you possibly get? Iv always had a political streak in me from my Rap/Mc days and after attending CSM it has taught me to not be afraid of being political and the grimy grungy sound is quite perfect for such expression. I also like the effect on his vocal. I’m not sure if it is filters or just distortion.. Ill have to go try out some techniques 🙂


 I feel my music production is quite competent considering i am self taught, I can lay down ideas well but can’t achieve professional standard. My final mix downs do need attention. I wish to understand the technicalities of sound processing, I don’t fully understand compression (only that it makes sound louder) and i also need to look into vocal recording and production techniques. Making electronic music i understand about trying to fill space with big sound. Attending CSM and getting more into my guitar and song production, i understand the importance of recording quality and that most instruments have there own frequency positions. Hopefully this chart may help with some eq positioning


I look forward to Advanced Production Techniques

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