Ali Chant..

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Advanced Production Techniques


Ali Chant a successful writer and producer gave a two day workshop on studio and recording techniques. I spend every possible minute behind my studio set up at home and this two day course had inspired my passion for producing/composing music and being in the professional studio setting. Over the two days we set up different microphones to drum kits and ran them through the pro tools Hd desk Sl2. The second day we recorded guitars, a hang drum and a vocal performance from Luke, I played guitar and learnt a few things on mic placement and preferred choices. How to maximise the performance of your set up with the use of mic polarity. We spent quite a while with Ali having conversations about various related topics, the whole experience was inspiring to say the least…

I went home the second evening and set up my Pro tools express version. I got the best results iv ever had. After applying some simple but reminded techniques about mic placement and setting up the software, I’m now in a position to produce music at home using pro tools. The whole experience and reward of setting up pro tools has inspired me to start looking at paired microphones and preamps to build up my home studio equipment.

On the last session i asked Ali if there may be any opportunity for work experience, we agreed to exchange email addresses and  he replied a week later saying he’ll bear me in mind in the future should he take on a job that needs extra hands.


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