Meeting Angela..

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Angela Durrant


Angela Durrant is an established professional vocal coach, her background is opera and she also teaches in the university of South Wales. This category will document the development of my voice as i blog about each session i undertake. After my first session with Angela she complimented me on my range capability but also noted that i was over straining my neck and head muscles whilst sometimes ‘trying too hard‘ to achieve a desired result.. We discussed a potential future work plan before xmas and now for February I’m able to commit t0 the course…

Deciding to invest in vocal tuition will give me more confidence for my demo recordings and performances, the longer term is to try more gigs, i love to perform my music and hope to be the best i can be. I also see it as a long term investment, the knowledge of disciplines and techniques are important for any singer songwriter or aspiring producer of music.

Feel free to browse her web page here



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