Rolling out Idea’s with Alex ‘Fretz’ Heywood

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research

Recently iv been exploring the idea of making my music and studio skills/services mobile. Every singer instrumentalist or songwriter on any level would like a nice performance video, no? What if that experience could come to your very own home or practice space and record you in good quality there, in your garden, in your conservatory or even in your bedroom? For those more in-experienced to recording it could be a less daunting and more fun with there friends or family around. I have also recently just invested in some more microphones and studio equipment to expand my inputs for live recording…

Having many discussions with Alex about how this could work and potential markets and models, he found a couple of examples online (to be referenced) and quickly the discussion lead too the acceptance of symbolism imagery. Basically we needed a logo. Over coffee i scribbled some idea of what i wanted. Destiny Sessions rolled of the tongue we didn’t think about it too much, Alex liked the name and so did someone else of the same age range..




Then alex started making a mockup on photoshop and very quickly the idea developed quite naturally..


All this was happening in the hours of 1pm – 4pm as we had another lecture, I decided the best way to test out all of my new equipment was to get stuck in so we planned that evening round at Alex’s house after the lecture..






At approx 6:00pm we arrived at Alex’s house from finishing lectures and having to pick up my newly delivered equipment from my house. We set up to find we couldn’t use my existing version of Pro Tools with my new interface so not letting it beat us we chose to use Reaper. We were both up against the clock because we couldn’t have the space after 9pm, So in determination to get something finished we recorded rough versions of performances.


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