Brief 2 – Pyramid Energy

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Dissertation Literature Review

Pyramid Energy, The Universal Cure for All Diseases

 This book is an informational book written similarly to an academic journal with diagrams and a list of references about how pyramid energy works. Aether surrounds the earth, an electrostatic space of energy between the earth and ionosphere creating a geo-magnetic force field that can be altered or used for our advantage, presuming the knowledge of crystals and or pyramid power. The structure of pyramids represent a stationary magnetic force field and is constantly working, manipulating the space or frequencies within our geo-sphere by directional current flow. For this to work successfully one side of the pyramid must be facing true north with only a deviation allowed of 5 degrees and when placed successfully on the cardinal directions, the pyramid will emit radiaesthetic colors. The book explains that everything that is, is made up using three main factors, Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Everything has it own frequency in which it vibrates to exist, for example the frequency of human D.N.A is measured to be 528hz. By placing anything under a pyramid the energetic properties become ionized, charged and then create current. This process of ionizing can charge water, food, inanimate objects and the human body in proven miraculous ways. It walks through the importance of a balanced organic diet, regular sleep patterns and the benefits of ionized water. Pyramid energy can ionize water to near a super state of healing properties, the book claims some cancer treatments are out performed by the harnessing of geosphere magnetic energy. The book then talks about how diseases and illness are a blockage of energy flow within the body, current flow and can be shifted of stagnant energy using the pyramid method. Chronic pains and diseases are also to be reduced dramatically through the process of pyramid healing. The human body is said to have electromagnetic junctions called chakras where pulses of frequencies are allowed to pass or sometimes not allowed to pass through. These specific energy junctions or chakras have color and ancient solfeggio frequencies assigned to them for example the colour RED is a frequency in book labeled as F0. F0 is also the frequency conversion from radiation transformation of sunlight energy. The bioenergy of all living things including human beings can be measured, changed and stimulated according to mood, activity or health & well being. It is invisible to the naked eye but can be captured using Kirlian Photography… this is called ones Aura. Aura can be charged through meditation techniques, stimulus activity, exercise, food and nutrition. Ultimately the measurement of ones aura cannot diagnose any diseases but certainly show a level as to how healthy your body is. Sitting or lying oneself under the pyramid for 30 minuets a day will dramatically increase ones aura radiation and general health also increasing or decreasing blood pressure accordance to your body’s needs. Being in the center of magnetic pyramid energy automatically corrects the body of unnatural energetic flow. Ancient Solfeggio tones are also mentioned in the book, over the course of history the referencing frequency for the chord of A has changed from 432hz to 440hz. There is therapy available by resonating the frequencies of cells, tissues, organs and DNA. These types of frequencies are known as the bio-resonance of matter. Bio-resonance Theta and Gamma rays are also explored explaining that theta waves are a gateway into the subconscious mind, if a patient is ill in hospital and unable to communicate then through the use of theta waves doctors can gain necessary information and numerical values vital to ones health direct from the patients subconscious mind.


P343, ‘’Pyramid flows as an electrical signal and spreads throughout the body according to Kirchoffs First Law of Nodal Currents.’’








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