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Project Development and Applied Research requires some work experience to complete the module. I have been lucky to secure two placements; one with the Creative Therapies course based in Caerleon Campus & and one with ShabbeyRoad studios based in Caerphilly South Wales. I am just waiting to secure dates with Shabbey Road. images-1

Creative Therapies

I had attended one session on Thursday 19th March to introduce myself and find out what they required from my skills or services. To pass a module on their course the students are required to record some original compositions. Having none or very little experience in recording live instruments this is where i would come in and assist. Their course is based in the old university studios so I suggested to open up the space for a day or so and run it like a ‘drop in recording service on Friday 27th March. Three students had been interested and after quite a busy day i have arranged to re-open the space on the 16th April for some other students requiring some help..

Tania had a dance track for which she wanted to record a clean acapella. Using a Rode Nt1-a, A Korg interface and Cubase software we layered up her vocals with ad-libs and quickly mixed it down. I also used some basic vocal compression There was a folder of the ‘stems’ or single recorded takes that she took away with her. I asked if she was happy with the work she said yes! 🙂 I also gave her some advice on how to render .wav files instead of mp3s when  sending acapellas to producers for quality. This is what we recorded…


Vita had written a indian ragu influenced piece with a repetitive drone bass melody and improvised lead with her native instrument the Kankles. I recorded the piano with one Rode M5 and the Rode Nt1-a. I then added some compression and mixed down the two instruments. I would have used two M5 pencil microphones but i only had one working mic stand so working with what i had we recorded this.. 

Laura M-Evans had written a song using her guitar and had never recorded her voice or herself play before. I set up the Nt1-a For her vocals and placed the M5 pencil mic at the guitar. Whilst setting up she was interested in the mic placement and software so we discussed some preferred methods and i stressed the importance of mic choice & placement for quality recordings.

Laura and Jenny had written a collaboration song on the piano. The idea was to get the best possible recording we could of an ensemble piece. Using the Rode Nt-1a for Jenny main vocals and the piano had 2 Rode M5 microphones picking up the piano and Lauras harmony vocals. This is what we recorded…


I completed the work experience for the Creative Therapies Course over three separate days. I used my own equipment and gained some good experience in dealing with setting up a number of separate projects in one day. I decided to open up the studio the first two days as drop-ins and this proved difficult given that there was high interest in the recording service and students with other plans. To improve the fluidity of a busy day like this I learnt that I should have created more of a structure, maybe find out before hand how many students would like help and in that day assign a couple of hours to each project. The last day was only one persons project so schedule is something to think about when trying to see number of clients on one day. From the feedback from the students and the tutor at Creative Therapies I believe I have given them what they were asking for and to a good standard, I really enjoyed this work and it gave me some scope as to what working Destiny Sessions would be like.



This link is a PDF list of 100 listening excersises revised by Robert Murray Shafer. This could be used in reference to educational interactive musical sessions




Today i received a reply from Shabbey Road Studios saying it is fine to come up and sit in on a couple of sessions!

I have emailed them back with these dates as they are best suited being on half term break… 25th March – 13th April 2015.


So far i have conversed with Ali Chant, Angela Durrant and Dbs Music Bristol enquiring about possible work experience opportunities… Today i sent this email to 7 different music studios that i found on google.


My name is Anthony Fitzgerald I am 27yrs old. I am a songwriter/aspiring producer and I am writing to see if maybe I could help you…?

I am nearly finished my second year at Creative Sound & Music BA Hons degree in Newport University, part of our module we are expected to evidence some sort of work experience by the middle of May 2015. It is permitted to be a few days or literally could be just for one day/session.

What can I do for you …& why would you say yes to me?

If you were able to provide me with such an opportunity, I’m hoping my age and then my interests would encourage you. Being a mature student has allowed me to be focused on my goals, I compose music mostly on the guitar and keyboard and have a back catalogue of written tracks that I am experimenting in ‘finding my sound’. I do also own a home studio myself so possible work experience is a real learning opportunity for me, not only for practical uses but to experience the professional working atmosphere too.

I am a good listener and studio literate, experienced on most DAW’s. I record regularly in University on the SSL & Icon desk’s I can assure you I would not be in the way or a hindrance, but rather an extra pair of keen and savvy hands for a day.

If you’d like to ask me anything please don’t hesitate to reply or call me,

Kind Regards


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Whilst doing research for Dis Lit i recently found out that frequency harmonics are vital for mitosis. (Cell division and growth)


Destiny Sessions is the branding for the beginnings of a music production services and promotion company. Focused on community music of Newport & South Wales, I aim to create a platform & event where local unsigned singer/songwriter urban & rap talent can do there thing. …for example; Destiny Sessions Presents… Pon De Mic.. could be an over 18 or under 18 event depending on some market research.

I have asked a few friends who are Mc’s and Rap Artists if this would be something they would be interested in attending and i received positive answers… I think some more community research is needed! I should try and find out if there has already been a lyric based night in Newport and if so why did it end? provides free online survey templates for social media websites. I think this may be a good idea to distribute in newporot. I am in connection with Fez from Urban Circle Productions, maybe he could help promote this questionnaire also based in Newport. I could also make contact with Cwmbran Youth Center & Ebbw Vale Studios.

here is a rough sketch of  a questionnaire;

                                                                       Are you a lyricist/poet, rapper/singer or mc?

Would you attend a bi-monthly event of this nature in Newport?

                                                                                           What is your age range?
                                                                                   over 18                                  under 18
                                         would you be willing to pay an entry fee if there where community payback events?
                      (if you answered yes to Q1 email a demo to for a chance to perform…)
is it sustainable?
Newport already provides recording studio services for the community through The Riverfront Centre. I believe that although there are artists writing original music there is no place for them to showcase there talent. According to the ‘1000 true fans’ theory major record labels are only really interested in those artists that are already generating traffic online and performing on a regular basis. This could be a great opportunity for the urban hip-hop and mc orientated culture to have a sense of ownership and regular showcase. I am not sure if there has already been a hiphop and grime based night so i will have to ask research this further. I plan to have a live house band as i know some keen performers, i would also need some dj equipment for instrumental tracks.
  • Locate my target audience and do the research above (questionnaire)
  • Look into possible venues in newport
  • Look into cost implications
  • Converse with my Pdar Tutor on progress

Here is some links to research i have been doing around making my model an effective and sustainable one. There are many different ways in which you can register your business for example, Sole trader, Ltd Company Business Partnerships and Social Enterprises..

Un-incorporated association looking to become a sole trader

After a one-to-one tutorial session last week i was advised to have developed the idea into something more and i have been stuck for ideas until now..

Destiny Sessions has so far been a production platform to release new music for singer songwriters. Its online presence consists of an email address, web domain name for two years and youtube channel. In practice i produce, record and write my own music and some music for other artists.  The eureka moment is thinking Destiny Sessions could also be a record label/ monthly event?  In theory if i could produce and record at least two ep’s of local artists & my own, (no specific genres) I could launch them at my own event creating a diverse show of talent. Merchandise and and music sales would beThe event itself would be able to provide a platform for other local talent. Encouraging collaborations and projects this could be a great place where FRETZ magazine could create a vibe.

Heres some links iv been reading on becoming independent releasing music..


Dr. Leonard G. Horrowitz is a master of public health working for the research facility at Harvard University. He catalyzed the investigations into the man-made origin of Aids through the release of his book Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1) His work is renowned for releasing health information for the benefit of mankind and this book 528 compiles thousands of years of study on the subject matters of energy, frequency and vibrations. Using ancient knowledge of Solfeggio Tones, Pythagorean & Platoic beleifs, Aristotle’s studies and backed up by Jesus Christ in The Bible 300 years afterwards, the whole basis of which all of these studies lie on is the science of LOVE. Love is a feeling and emotion, e-motion being the e-lectrical signal that is in motion through the human nervous system, causing resonance of certain vibrational frequencies within the crystalline conductor of the human body we then physically feel. We can measure the frequencies of energy and matter therefor understanding more about harmonious resonance, dissonance to harmony and the effects of vibrations or sound on physical properties. By using The bible and ancient history Dr. Horrowitz uncovers that originally there were nine core creative frequencies fundamental to constructing the universe; he explains how the central tri-angular triad of these nine frequencies especially resonates in 528hz, ‘the harmony of love’ By mapping out the frequencies of emotions and where the mind will subjectively discharge negative ions/thoughts or signals to, we now know the human body to have 7 energy junctions or chakras. The biblical reference to ‘the house of david’ is in correlation to the heart chakra as the frequency of 528 naturally opens up to receive pure spiritual energy.

 ‘’This book slam dunks gods existence, demystifies love, explains divine intervention direction and even eternal salvation, all administered musically-mathematically according to the laws of physics’’P18

 ‘’Based on substantial evidence compiled in this book, that warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in love – the vibration of heart-felt adoration is 528. It is a key, a musical note like no other, fundamental to creation.’’p17.

Chlorophyll is responsible for carrying energy by delivering electrons from the sunlight to your blood. Describing it as the optimum energy transducer Horrowitz explains that this energy of spirituality is vibrates universally, eternally, and hydro-sonically- vibrating reality into existence through electron resonance, through 528’s presence. Human DNA is also measured resonating at 528hz and the idea of us being a result of ‘hydro-creationism’ is introduced as theory and Alpha-numerics as the language. In great detail he explains how Alpher-numerics are responsible for the creation of cymatics. Cymatics is the study of sound on matter.

 ‘’You are a digital bio-holographic, precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation coming out of water!’’p56,

Listening to the frequency of 528 hz re-energizes and polarizes the ions in your body and its proven to bring about a change in mentality and physical properties within the body. Harmonious frequencies therefore are not just beneficial but detrimental for healthy growth or development of cells, tissue and DNA.

war with sound on consciousness

In 528 Horrowitz’ exposes cult behaviors of corporate record labels and John Lennon’s war against the church of satan. In some detail Horrowitz explains the connections from the illuminati and the murderer of John Lennon having been hypnotized before the shooting at a CIA meeting. Describing Lennon as a war protestor and tax critic, the reason for his murder was after writing the controversial book ‘working mans hero’ he became an enemy of the state. Highlighting the former Beatle member’s piano being tuned to 444hz (a) and White Album, and Imagine was also recorded on the piano, He concludes with evidence the reason his murder is related to 528 is it is exactly what Lennon stood for. The illuminati and Rockerfella instituted the ‘standard’ tuning of 440hz advancing on there spiritual warfare against human consciousness, all in aid of population and financial control. He says the monopolization of music in 440 ‘standard tuning’ has perpetuated society and culter to a more aggressive and agitated, psychosocial aggression and emotional distress.

Pi, PHI and 528, After explaining the details of Pi, Phi and the divisions of time and space he then reveals the importance of the aincient solfeggio tones and there beneficial factors for life. On the opposite hand the study and investment into sickening music from the Rockerfellers estate, he unfolds the information militant tuning, reasons behind and demonstrations experiments on Elvis Presleys concerts in different tuning methods. 440hz standard tuning creating mass hysteria in the crowd as opposed to a calm and transfixed audience in 444hz. (a).

He concludes the chapter with comparative analysis on standard tuning against 444hz by explaining spiritually-repressive impact of 440 and potential health benefits stimulate in dissonance with chakra frequencies. When listening to 444hz tuned music it physically moves your cells and vibrates more harmonious giving a richer more real experience.

Throughout the rest of the book Horrowitz explains how you can tune your lifestyle into 528 for virtually free, in turn reaping all of the benefits of mother nature or Gods harmony, vibrating through every living part of your cellular bio-holographic crystalline body. The heart is an electromagnetic generator more powerful than our thoughts and when this happens it is known to be intuition, the highest of guidance, whereas most people are living in conditioning to their thoughts on a lower vibration, ignoring the intuitive voice of harmony.


This book provides some critical revelation into the scientific understanding and importance of harmonious vibration. 528 is the bright green resonance of healthy earth/grass & trees, 528 is the resonance of chlorophyll and DNA. By exposing the connections of militant tuning and cult control through ‘standard tuning’ he backs up the human need for a 528 reLOVEution. His website provide numerous services ad free life changing information for the musician and non musician.



Today i went for a job interview at Mad Science. I thought it would be worth blogging about as the job is based upon educational play for after school clubs. As a ‘Mad Scientis’ i would turn up to schools with a selection of games and workshops exploring the sciences as fun interactive play, this also relates to my last module Global Perspectives where i gained a 1st for my final piece. Maybe i could learn some teaching or workshop techniques and relate them to music and Destiny Sessions??

I am pleased to say i got the job as a Mad Scientist. I start training on thursday 12th march 2015!

Feel free to browse there site..


Neils course has so far been about the core principles of being an independent entrepreneur. To recap the first week was about three main points…

  • Being lost is ok
  • Put yourself at the heart of your community
  • Information is there, research WILL help you in your field

Last week was the explanation of David Cancells Funnel, this sales model shows how promotion is key to developing business as only 10% of 1000 advert receivers will actually contact you requiring information… then only 10% of that number will actually buy a product.


This is a fantastic video from Sir Ken Robinson…

new concept of humanoligy…

There is a nice contrast between these two videos shown, Sir Ken Robinsons delivery is that of a calm nature, his body doesn’t move a lot and his humour keeps the audience interacted. The next video is delivered with a fast pace and some illicit language. This is directed at the younger audience and also is inspiring to the younger generation as the relative story is about community and bring people together to celebrate creativity..