Dynamics Lesson 2 (vox)

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Advanced Production Techniques

Today APT was about compressing vocals and using Melodyne. As most vocal performances and recordings range with a great deal of dynamics it is important to try and level out the dynamics with compression or limiters. This will allow the vocal to sit nicely in a main mix without peaking the signal and destroying the overall mix. There are a range of different methods available for this technique and here is one that our lecturer had demonstrated…



The inserts path is as follows..  De-Esser / Bf-76 Compressor / D3 Limiter/Compressor / then a 7 band Eq

The de-esser allows control over the consonance of words such as the T’s, P’s & S’s.. These sounds will inevitably peak and clip the mix.  The compressor will then compress the whole signal giving a relative volume to the whole stem. Afterwards the limiter will allow the more quieter parts of the signal to be raised to a moderate level whilst the Eq is a final boost in high frequencies giving characteristics and




Melodyne is a tonal re-structuring software/plugin that can re-work or alter polyphonic samples. It works as a plug-in on the inserts of the DAW. Polyphonic samples are samples with more than one signal played at the same time for example you can insert a full song and then alter each lyric or chord into different keys/ frequencies.

This tool would be mainly used for pitch control, Most of the mainstream music industry have Melodyne and Limiting tools overused adding to the slightly controversial conversation of the ‘Loudness Wars’. The exercise on this plugin was to re-structre a sharp note in an acapella, Succesfully completed i now feel slightly more comfortable knowing i can record my tracks and pitch correct my untrained and sometimes weak vocal performances.



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