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Posted: March 3, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research

I have recently been forwarded the website of a young Welsh illustrator/ designer who had been been successful in his field. He had designed a lot of the online profile for St Davids shopping centre in Wales capitol, Cardiff. His work also includes the exported native whisky Penderyn. I emailed him asking about developing my original sketch in figure 1. He got back to me with these other examples,unnamed

I particularly like the one on top left here, destiny-sessions

I like the use of colour on this but it feels slightly too official to be the image that represents the ethos of my company/buisness idea…

figure 1


After receiving these ideas from Matt it has inspired me to know exactly what I’m after in terms of the business logo. I am interested in using the top left design with the sound waves attached to the words but this design is good for a title on the web page. The actual logo that will be printed on stickers, Online profile images, merchandise ect is to be my original v shaped sound wave.. (figure1) Unknown-3

This project could become live the moment that the logo is ready for business cards and a website is active, i should sit and map out the services i have to offer. I should now look into business plan templates and start to sketch out ideas.. I have already pre made some ‘practice’ videos that can be used as reference material for promotion…





Chris has been a friend for a number of years and after seeing the professional-esque approach from Matt, i think it would be a great opportunity to have different potential logo designs. I have asked Chris to get involved in the development of my log of which he is happy to, only he is a little tied up for a couple of weeks… This should give me time to draw up some of the services i have to offer. The web domain is now owned by me for two years (www.destinysessions.com) and i am looking into website development.



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