Session 3 with Neil

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research

Neils course has so far been about the core principles of being an independent entrepreneur. To recap the first week was about three main points…

  • Being lost is ok
  • Put yourself at the heart of your community
  • Information is there, research WILL help you in your field

Last week was the explanation of David Cancells Funnel, this sales model shows how promotion is key to developing business as only 10% of 1000 advert receivers will actually contact you requiring information… then only 10% of that number will actually buy a product.


This is a fantastic video from Sir Ken Robinson…

new concept of humanoligy…

There is a nice contrast between these two videos shown, Sir Ken Robinsons delivery is that of a calm nature, his body doesn’t move a lot and his humour keeps the audience interacted. The next video is delivered with a fast pace and some illicit language. This is directed at the younger audience and also is inspiring to the younger generation as the relative story is about community and bring people together to celebrate creativity..


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