Brief 3 – The Book of 528: The Prosperity of Love

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Dissertation Literature Review


Dr. Leonard G. Horrowitz is a master of public health working for the research facility at Harvard University. He catalyzed the investigations into the man-made origin of Aids through the release of his book Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1) His work is renowned for releasing health information for the benefit of mankind and this book 528 compiles thousands of years of study on the subject matters of energy, frequency and vibrations. Using ancient knowledge of Solfeggio Tones, Pythagorean & Platoic beleifs, Aristotle’s studies and backed up by Jesus Christ in The Bible 300 years afterwards, the whole basis of which all of these studies lie on is the science of LOVE. Love is a feeling and emotion, e-motion being the e-lectrical signal that is in motion through the human nervous system, causing resonance of certain vibrational frequencies within the crystalline conductor of the human body we then physically feel. We can measure the frequencies of energy and matter therefor understanding more about harmonious resonance, dissonance to harmony and the effects of vibrations or sound on physical properties. By using The bible and ancient history Dr. Horrowitz uncovers that originally there were nine core creative frequencies fundamental to constructing the universe; he explains how the central tri-angular triad of these nine frequencies especially resonates in 528hz, ‘the harmony of love’ By mapping out the frequencies of emotions and where the mind will subjectively discharge negative ions/thoughts or signals to, we now know the human body to have 7 energy junctions or chakras. The biblical reference to ‘the house of david’ is in correlation to the heart chakra as the frequency of 528 naturally opens up to receive pure spiritual energy.

 ‘’This book slam dunks gods existence, demystifies love, explains divine intervention direction and even eternal salvation, all administered musically-mathematically according to the laws of physics’’P18

 ‘’Based on substantial evidence compiled in this book, that warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in love – the vibration of heart-felt adoration is 528. It is a key, a musical note like no other, fundamental to creation.’’p17.

Chlorophyll is responsible for carrying energy by delivering electrons from the sunlight to your blood. Describing it as the optimum energy transducer Horrowitz explains that this energy of spirituality is vibrates universally, eternally, and hydro-sonically- vibrating reality into existence through electron resonance, through 528’s presence. Human DNA is also measured resonating at 528hz and the idea of us being a result of ‘hydro-creationism’ is introduced as theory and Alpha-numerics as the language. In great detail he explains how Alpher-numerics are responsible for the creation of cymatics. Cymatics is the study of sound on matter.

 ‘’You are a digital bio-holographic, precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation coming out of water!’’p56,

Listening to the frequency of 528 hz re-energizes and polarizes the ions in your body and its proven to bring about a change in mentality and physical properties within the body. Harmonious frequencies therefore are not just beneficial but detrimental for healthy growth or development of cells, tissue and DNA.

war with sound on consciousness

In 528 Horrowitz’ exposes cult behaviors of corporate record labels and John Lennon’s war against the church of satan. In some detail Horrowitz explains the connections from the illuminati and the murderer of John Lennon having been hypnotized before the shooting at a CIA meeting. Describing Lennon as a war protestor and tax critic, the reason for his murder was after writing the controversial book ‘working mans hero’ he became an enemy of the state. Highlighting the former Beatle member’s piano being tuned to 444hz (a) and White Album, and Imagine was also recorded on the piano, He concludes with evidence the reason his murder is related to 528 is it is exactly what Lennon stood for. The illuminati and Rockerfella instituted the ‘standard’ tuning of 440hz advancing on there spiritual warfare against human consciousness, all in aid of population and financial control. He says the monopolization of music in 440 ‘standard tuning’ has perpetuated society and culter to a more aggressive and agitated, psychosocial aggression and emotional distress.

Pi, PHI and 528, After explaining the details of Pi, Phi and the divisions of time and space he then reveals the importance of the aincient solfeggio tones and there beneficial factors for life. On the opposite hand the study and investment into sickening music from the Rockerfellers estate, he unfolds the information militant tuning, reasons behind and demonstrations experiments on Elvis Presleys concerts in different tuning methods. 440hz standard tuning creating mass hysteria in the crowd as opposed to a calm and transfixed audience in 444hz. (a).

He concludes the chapter with comparative analysis on standard tuning against 444hz by explaining spiritually-repressive impact of 440 and potential health benefits stimulate in dissonance with chakra frequencies. When listening to 444hz tuned music it physically moves your cells and vibrates more harmonious giving a richer more real experience.

Throughout the rest of the book Horrowitz explains how you can tune your lifestyle into 528 for virtually free, in turn reaping all of the benefits of mother nature or Gods harmony, vibrating through every living part of your cellular bio-holographic crystalline body. The heart is an electromagnetic generator more powerful than our thoughts and when this happens it is known to be intuition, the highest of guidance, whereas most people are living in conditioning to their thoughts on a lower vibration, ignoring the intuitive voice of harmony.


This book provides some critical revelation into the scientific understanding and importance of harmonious vibration. 528 is the bright green resonance of healthy earth/grass & trees, 528 is the resonance of chlorophyll and DNA. By exposing the connections of militant tuning and cult control through ‘standard tuning’ he backs up the human need for a 528 reLOVEution. His website provide numerous services ad free life changing information for the musician and non musician.



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