Is it Destiny?

Posted: March 15, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research

After a one-to-one tutorial session last week i was advised to have developed the idea into something more and i have been stuck for ideas until now..

Destiny Sessions has so far been a production platform to release new music for singer songwriters. Its online presence consists of an email address, web domain name for two years and youtube channel. In practice i produce, record and write my own music and some music for other artists.  The eureka moment is thinking Destiny Sessions could also be a record label/ monthly event?  In theory if i could produce and record at least two ep’s of local artists & my own, (no specific genres) I could launch them at my own event creating a diverse show of talent. Merchandise and and music sales would beThe event itself would be able to provide a platform for other local talent. Encouraging collaborations and projects this could be a great place where FRETZ magazine could create a vibe.

Heres some links iv been reading on becoming independent releasing music..


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