So, What is DS?

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research


Destiny Sessions is the branding for the beginnings of a music production services and promotion company. Focused on community music of Newport & South Wales, I aim to create a platform & event where local unsigned singer/songwriter urban & rap talent can do there thing. …for example; Destiny Sessions Presents… Pon De Mic.. could be an over 18 or under 18 event depending on some market research.

I have asked a few friends who are Mc’s and Rap Artists if this would be something they would be interested in attending and i received positive answers… I think some more community research is needed! I should try and find out if there has already been a lyric based night in Newport and if so why did it end? provides free online survey templates for social media websites. I think this may be a good idea to distribute in newporot. I am in connection with Fez from Urban Circle Productions, maybe he could help promote this questionnaire also based in Newport. I could also make contact with Cwmbran Youth Center & Ebbw Vale Studios.

here is a rough sketch of  a questionnaire;

                                                                       Are you a lyricist/poet, rapper/singer or mc?

Would you attend a bi-monthly event of this nature in Newport?

                                                                                           What is your age range?
                                                                                   over 18                                  under 18
                                         would you be willing to pay an entry fee if there where community payback events?
                      (if you answered yes to Q1 email a demo to for a chance to perform…)
is it sustainable?
Newport already provides recording studio services for the community through The Riverfront Centre. I believe that although there are artists writing original music there is no place for them to showcase there talent. According to the ‘1000 true fans’ theory major record labels are only really interested in those artists that are already generating traffic online and performing on a regular basis. This could be a great opportunity for the urban hip-hop and mc orientated culture to have a sense of ownership and regular showcase. I am not sure if there has already been a hiphop and grime based night so i will have to ask research this further. I plan to have a live house band as i know some keen performers, i would also need some dj equipment for instrumental tracks.
  • Locate my target audience and do the research above (questionnaire)
  • Look into possible venues in newport
  • Look into cost implications
  • Converse with my Pdar Tutor on progress

Here is some links to research i have been doing around making my model an effective and sustainable one. There are many different ways in which you can register your business for example, Sole trader, Ltd Company Business Partnerships and Social Enterprises..

Un-incorporated association looking to become a sole trader


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