Pdar W.E Requests

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Project Development / Applied Research, Work Experience


So far i have conversed with Ali Chant, Angela Durrant and Dbs Music Bristol enquiring about possible work experience opportunities… Today i sent this email to 7 different music studios that i found on google.


My name is Anthony Fitzgerald I am 27yrs old. I am a songwriter/aspiring producer and I am writing to see if maybe I could help you…?

I am nearly finished my second year at Creative Sound & Music BA Hons degree in Newport University, part of our module we are expected to evidence some sort of work experience by the middle of May 2015. It is permitted to be a few days or literally could be just for one day/session.

What can I do for you …& why would you say yes to me?

If you were able to provide me with such an opportunity, I’m hoping my age and then my interests would encourage you. Being a mature student has allowed me to be focused on my goals, I compose music mostly on the guitar and keyboard and have a back catalogue of written tracks that I am experimenting in ‘finding my sound’. I do also own a home studio myself so possible work experience is a real learning opportunity for me, not only for practical uses but to experience the professional working atmosphere too.

I am a good listener and studio literate, experienced on most DAW’s. I record regularly in University on the SSL & Icon desk’s I can assure you I would not be in the way or a hindrance, but rather an extra pair of keen and savvy hands for a day.

If you’d like to ask me anything please don’t hesitate to reply or call me,

Kind Regards









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