SSL Desk Recordings – 20/2/15

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Advanced Production Techniques

Looking back on my first session using the SSL hybrid desk, i believe i may have under estimated the work load i had set for one 4 hour session, especially with it being my first session. The original idea for APT was a two track ‘live performance’ recorded single with a full band. Having the performances recorded live and filmed, the ‘live’ single could be uploaded to Youtube and promoted via Facebook as digital media rather than a physical product.


I had set up three cameras, one close up framing myself on the guitar/ vocals, there was an establishing shot of both me and the drummer in the same frame and the final camera was shooting from behind us.. Whilst reflecting on this session id say the room & equipment layout was based more around how it may look on the video as compared to the desire for quality sound recordings..

…The Microphones used were…


  •  the full AKG Drum Mic kit
  • D112 Kik drum mic
  •  included AKG Pencil mic’s for overheads.

Guitar & Vocals

  • 414 (guitar cab)
  • Rode Nt1000 (vocals)

Devil Round For Tea’ is the name of the track we managed to get a recording. The set up time & troubleshooting no sound from the desk, to actually working through the song and getting a recordable take set us back at least an hour. Using a Rode Nt1000 condenser microphone was not a good idea for live recording as the sounds from the guitar cab and drums bleed over too much and vocals were not clear in the monitoring room. The drum mic’s were not all set up by me and personally i don’t like to see cables running messy along the floor.

A tidy recording room & good mic placement… = a tidy job!

As we ran into a few ‘first timer’ issues this session quickly ran out of time and two out of the three cameras either ran out of battery or memory space for recording. I decided to carry on and use this session as a learning curve. Since then i have changed the idea of a ‘live recorded’ single to a self-produced 2track single. This is because as the module unfolded it became clear that production techniques are actually being marked so a live performance was a little too much to rely on other session musicians and for me to be a performer/ producer at the same time was also a little unrealistic. I left the session having troubleshooted no sound on the SSL desk & recorded a rough version of Devil Round For Tea. Due to timing issues i never mixed it down or bounced it of of the desk. This project is unfinished however was a great track to use as a practice run using the SSL and running a studio session with a brief or a desired outcome for a particular project.

Things to consider/ remember for next time…

  • Set up drum kit before session musicians come in
  • try to mic up the kit before session musicians enter
  • have click track or guitar guide track pre-recorded (for time constraint issues)
  • consider live performance or studio condenser mics (right mic for the job)





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