Drum Recording – Task 1

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Advanced Production Techniques

I didn’t take individual photographs of each microphone placement but i personally set up every microphone this time. I made sure that every microphone was as close to the drum as possible, there was a tight grip on each microphone clip or stand, & on the SSL desk i personally set the levels by maximum gain without clipping the signal, the cables were tidy and running to the wall box neatly.

This set up was influenced by the Ali Chant Workshops, taking a minimal but precise approach to the mic placement the idea was to aim for the highest possible quality recordings.


  • Kick                                AKG D12
  •  Bottom Snare                SureBeta SM57
  •    Top Snare                      AKG Kit Mic
  •    Floor Tom                      AKG Kit Mic
  •    Top Tom                        AKG Kit Mic
  • Over heads                   AKG 414’s

IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1700 IMG_1697

I recorded a few takes of Danny free styling but then set the project tempo for two separate projects and quickly recorded guide tracks using my guitar. I took this opportunity to use these drum recordings  and produce a couple of my own songs, this way i can use live recorded drums for the 2-track single i have chosen to release for the other part of the advanced production techniques module. 

Untreated drum recordings mixed as one & taken straight from the SSL desk.


I enjoyed the whole experience of recording live drums. I will be using this recording for my 2track single. Considering it is my first session it is the best quality drum recording i have ever produced. Im not sure if i may have over done it with any compression ect in the production techniques so i am looking forward to some tutorial feedback. I do now understand how and why you would use such dynamics and processing to treat recorded instruments. Drums are the very backbone of any track and a good foundation is a good place to start….

Pay attention to your drums 🙂


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