Destiny Sessions @ Work..

Posted: October 25, 2015 in 4. Major Project / Production. - 3rd Yr.

Here is a demo recording of a song written by Tommy Gregory a student on CSM . Produced at my home studio we single track recorded everything using a Rode Nt1a placed at the centre of an acoustic guitar and up against a small ‘Orange’ guitar amplifier for the lead. He laid vocals on afterwards. I used some compression and reverb to give texture to the recordings and quickly mixed and rendered it,

After spending time away form this recording and listening again i think the electric guitar could be brought up in the mix a little more and maybe add some strings toward the end chorus

Destiny Sessions @ Work Again… 

This session was supposed to be in Caerleon studios but after finding the amps all switched off and locked up i decided to take Azzi and his brother Tristan back to my house. I set them up in the living room on a corner sofa. They both had acoustic guitars and faced each other. I set up the omnidirectional U8040 in between the centre of the guitar holes and raised it half way between the chins and guitar holes…

Pictures to be added


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