Initial Idea – Digital Songbook

Posted: October 25, 2015 in 4. Major Project / Production. - 3rd Yr.

The major project idea is to produce a digital songbook; instead of taking the traditional recording artists approach and officially releasing music over a promoted schedule, I have decided to create a new category on my blog that will document the inspiration behind each song and the production processes.

CSM has inspired me on a journey of re-invention and re-discovery, my music is a great reflection of this. Sometimes the songs written come from a positive and hopeful perspective while other tracks are created from a sense of analytical criticism, political issues, self awareness or philosophical contexts.

Being able to present my creative works in a way that may attract people to my skills for possible future projects is also a motive behind the idea.

As a songwriter not regularly performing currently it has been difficult to place myself amongst other artists due to reasons such as not quite curating my own sound yet. The vocal performance is not as strong as industry standard demands and the live performances need work due to nervousness and lack of performing experience. The idea of the digital platform gives me the space to release my material without the pressures of not meeting ‘industry standards’ as a recording artist. Creativity and production skills are at the forefront of my vocation in music, the idea of the digital songbook provides a good platform and opportunity to demonstrate my skills whilst developing and practicing vocal and live performance.

The target audience for this product would be any music fan and music industry officials. Performing locally to people within the local live music scene and for family and friends would provide the initial steps of promoting the digital song book this could in turn lead to enquiring local musicians looking for studio recording time. The digital song book would be used as content for promoting a ‘portfolio career’ in songwriting and or music production, it will be linked to the Destiny Session Branding.


This video is a montage of recording artists from last years development stages of Destiny Sessions.

Using search engines to investigate similar ideas to the digital songbook provided some good examples of websites that are relevant.

These websites have a similar layout with the song lyrics typed out with the particular instrument chord changes above the lyrics. This is a method that could be used, ideally investigation into a different layout would be pursued to make it unique and ascetically more appealing. The digital songbook would resemble an old story book with each songs lyrics typed on a page with an embedded sound cloud link to a recording or production of that track.

Initial idea of the songbook layout.

  • A set homepage (Front cover of story book/ animated, colourful)
  • A contents page with quick links
  • Each song will have a double page spread, to give an open book effect. Left hand side will show the lyrics and chords the right hand side will have the embedded track and three statements addressing What was the inspiration behind the track? How has it progressed to the final edit? and Production Tips.
  • Each song is typed out with chord changes included and instrument used
  • Each song that is recorded and produced will be embedded into a page
  • illustrations and media will be used to represent the tracks
  • Focus first on 8 original songs, (4 positive & 4 ponderous)

Here is a quick draft in gathering the content together and how it may look.    click the link below

 ( Songbook Draft )

Possible further ideas or advancements.

  • After building the initial the content we could possibly look at a video performance also produced in the university studios and embed on the song book pages.

Currently music is written and produced in my home recording studio there is a selection of around 15 / 18 songs & ideas to choose from so the content is there. Track selection issues have been raised with Matt who has agreed to give me guidance in helping me decide which are stronger tracks and have current with the themes.

Next Steps…

Record as many demos of the content already written for selection process with mentor.


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