Performance 1

Posted: October 25, 2015 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr

Performance one is to show the ideas of a song that will possibly be chosen to perform for the Live module in May. This is a relatively new song and the lyrics came after the chord sequence.

The first line ’’Don’t tell me to wait, Cz id wait forever’’ flowed naturally after playing around with the first two chords on the song. ”Pain & Pleasure, or Now is Forever” are the two candidate titles for the piece. The backing track has been made at home using virtual drum kit instruments, I recorded myself on bass guitar, vocals and the electro-acoustic seen in the video. This song has a 90’s feel to it and the tambourine shakers on the chorus are a nice touch. Maybe this song could be performed with a live band.

Possibly a typical stigma with a lot of performing artists but to look back on myself is somewhat off-putting. I am passionate about my music and have no other way of recording the initial ideas without doing it myself first hand.

Some Self Improvement Tips…

  • Learn lyrics of by heart
  • Relax the body more and face the audience
  • Maybe perform the song completely acoustically
  • Warm up the vocal chords before the performance
  • Wear more comfortable clothes

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