Second Guesses…

Posted: November 23, 2015 in 4. Major Project / Production. - 3rd Yr., Music and Visual Media.



For me CSM has been an journey of expressing all of my musical skills, experimenting outside of the box and breaking down some of the ethical and creative thought processes behind making music and inclusively making a statement as an artist. As much as I have enjoyed every session on the course graduation draws near and I have recently been under a lot of stress and confusion as to what it is I am actually doing as an artist and where do I go from here, I haven’t actually found my sound yet! Its a positive reflection that I was auditioned for a publishing deal but that was back in 2012 and at that time I was at the end of my ‘rapping phase’ which began at the age of 13. I believe I was I was picked up not only for my writing and performance skills but mainly for my youth energy..? …The deal was not signed but the advice of the back of the audition was ..‘Write me a number one hit record!’  as my music was not ‘radio worthy’ as yet.

This was great advice to me for the commercial industry requirements and it brought a more structured construct to my song writing and disciplines to composing however, I felt I had reached out so far and wide when it comes to my music preferences that everything I tried do was simply just that… only an effort of trying to do something.

Take Reach for the Skies for example; I performed this track acoustically at the interview for a place at CSM. At the time performing this track was a new height for me as an artist… Its my first full track of rapping and singing the chorus. Before hand I would just rap over instrumentals or sing along playing my favourite rock/pop song on the guitar. Although written only four years ago since then I’ve grown

I aim to produce some material for a portfolio career as a Songwriter and Record Producer. Unfortunately this released content is me in the middle of a transition and is rather off putting, Personally i think its a such a flop, Not quite here or there… The video does not capture the essence of how this song can really connect with people. When it is performed live its easy to catch on to the chorus and sing along to but the full production and break drums take away the songs potential. I can not finish this year the same!!

My acoustic guitar and the piano have become my go to instruemnts over the past three years on CSM, I feel my older values and opinions toward my music have changed, I’ve tried every face in the book and now I’ve been stripped back to just myself. Its for the best i know but I feel exposed.

Theres a few sides to my musical expressions. Outside of relevance to CSM theres

AphitZ who writes electronic music influenced by cinematic atmospheric glitch music, IDM, Drum and Bass & Techno.

Mr. Fitz who is the animated character that presents some of my more uplifting, playful or whimsical songs. (Artwork under development)


Aj-Fitz is the Rap & Songwriter who self produced a mixtape and now writes songs more often than anything at the moment



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