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Performance 3

Posted: December 8, 2015 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr

Aha! ….I had a Eureka moment watching my body movement in this video…

… When I am performing a song I am constantly evaluating my self, every line sung, every chord and note picked. I must try to perform the song without fear or prejudice of myself which is the ultimate challenge


Performance 2

Posted: December 8, 2015 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr

This song is called nothing to lose and was written after spending a whole morning watching Foo Fighters music videos. I really dislike to watch myself performing and for a few reasons… with my unsettled body language and lack of audience eye contact I can see how this performance  is not fully engaging or able to keep my attention, let alone the audience. I love to write songs otherwise I wouldn’t do it but my performance anxiety is very prominent and I am leaning toward the idea of giving public performances as an acoustic singer-songwriter a complete miss after this course.