Over the Xmas holidays…

Posted: February 10, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr, Music and Visual Media.

Over the christmas break 2015/2016 I have been watching over the previous performance videos within the class I have been able to identify some certain aspects of that need attention, If I’m totally honest it all starts within myself. Throughout the course i have experimented with my music and written songs that come from the heart, its quite exposing to perform songs you write in your bedroom that I feel don’t have a market audience.

  • My performances are not engaging, No audience eye contact – because of being anxious about performing new material in the class my body language and voice projection is almost inverted, i sound almost choked up in myself!!
  • I didn’t practise enough, this is contributing to the lack of confidence – I guess there are no excuses really but dissertation and other module hand in’s have taken up a lot of time recently.
  • Anticipating the end result too much, trying to hard for perfection – Every time I perform a song it is slightly different… Instead of actually performing my songs with an engaged core tone and rehearsed melody line I would deviate or mess up and then this would send my performances into a downward spiral…

So what can I do to change this..?

  1. MORE GIGS!! – unless I throw myself into the deep end with the above points in mind I will not be able to fix the issues & I think the opportunity to get out and perform my music will quickly pass me by, which is something i don’t want
  2. PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE!! – I should really finish my songs and work on the arrangements and include rehearsals with a band! <– In response my in-class performances feedback.
  3. Experiment with some distorted guitars for that rock live sound!!

I took up any opportunity to perform…

Also over christmas holidays a few different opportunities to perform had come my way so I said yes to every one of them. I have now established that Performing under different pseudonym’s can help authenticate my material as a practitioner.

Aj-Fitz is the singer songwriter/ Rap artist. – Aphitz is my electronic/ IDM Glitch & Breaks pseudonym and, – Mr. Fitz is a songbook project under the Aj-Fitz pseudonym.



Clarence Bar Rocks was an event organised by Simon Gore, a fellow student on our course. I performed the material from the performance videos in the leading weeks and used this gig to trial out how a plugged in sound may work. I used a drum machine and played with Alex on bass. The gig went well in a sense that the crowd reaction was good and i had great feedback about my singing which helped my confidence. The idea of working with a drum machine was a needs must however I quickly learned that between tracks there was awkward moments of fumbling around with kit. As a conclusion I think It is now time to bring the full band to my music!!

At the end of this gig they asked for one more so I used hip-hop instrumentals and done some rap verses to finish. I think it went well, I made a couple of friends who are interested in playing for me should I need it and the crowd reaction was good.



This gig above was a student music night held in Gwd I Hu in Cardiff. I wasn’t supposed to be performing this night but there was open mic slot available. Under the influence of dutch courage i got up and performed some of my rap verses. I do like to perform my rap verses, i do normally get a good response but my songwriting delivery is what I’m really trying to focus on at the moment. Its easy for me to get up and deliver rhymes using adrenaline as an aid but singing holds a level of discipline.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.55.14.png

The two events above are also rap hip-hop events both held in Cardiff. As previously mentioned rapping is something I like to do for entertainment proposes rather than a forwarding vocation.

Warming up the stage for Akala is the biggest gig I have yet to perform in regards to my Mc /Rap pseudonym. At the moment I am not promoting myself as an artist because of the early stages of development in the delivery of each pseudonym.

I have appreciated the gig opportunities and learned a lot. I think in terms of moving forwards I am now going to focus on the live sound and rehearse with the band.


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