Some Website R&D

Posted: February 22, 2016 in 4. Major Project / Production. - 3rd Yr., Music and Visual Media.


Toybox Studios is owned by Ali Chant, an Engineer and Producer based in Bristol. I particularly like this website’s simple and professional finish. The information of his works and discography is straight forward, precise and clear. Each page is linked to the navigation bar across the top of the page and the white background theme is through out.  Ali Chant is a renowned artist having worked with many successful musicians, his show reel is something nice and I do like how Ali Chant has a separate website for himself and the studio business, (

This is like my destiny sessions website and platform idea which is still actually live… It consists of an email address/ domain name, youtube and Facebook pages. I guess one way to expand on that is to have twitter or instagram and keep on blogging about our projects!! (upcoming DS project, Falling Under)

Amy Wadge is a grammy nominated songwriter living in wales. Her website is also very clear, simple and interesting. ……. tbc


Danielle Lewis has successfully gained a place on this years BBC Horizons project. Her sweet acoustic songs and contemporary singing came to my attention through Facebook. I decided to check her out and easily found her artist website. I noticed that the template she uses is the same template I have chosen to use on Her website is easy to navigate and it is clear to see that she is a regular gigging musician. Personally i am not at that stage yet, i would like to curate a sound, produce an ep and then hit the road or scene with a product. Danielle’s website home page scrolls down through only some of her pages consecutively, I can see this is a personal alteration to the we site template that i have taken an interest in.

This is my website still under development, Slightly different from the earlier posts in the way i have subtracted some of my pages at the top of the navigation bar. Im really on a mission to make my website as simple and effective as possible. I am waiting to have a photo shoot for the website and also design some graphics as my name logo. I look forward to the next session with Nic Finch, he has already helped me with some vector imaging which was really nice. (DS) –

I can probably keep the recording studio projects on this platform but still included it in the main produced website. The pseudonym Destiny Sessions will show the produced works with other singers and songwriters in the studio, 99% of the time are in partnership with Alex Heywood (engineer at DS).



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