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DOWNLOAD HERE: No Sweat – Stage Plan & Tech Spec

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 16.40.28.png

No Sweat

Stage Plan & Tech Spec


  • 1 x Marshall Guitar Stack
  • 1 x Bass Guitar Stack
  • 1 x DI Box (bass)
  • 1 x 3piece Drum Kit From A25
  • 1 x PA System 2 x Speakers & 2 x Sub Speakers
  • 3 x Wedge Monitors
  • 1 x Projector & 1 x Screen
  • 2 x AKG 414 Microphones      (Drum Overheads)
  • 1 x D112 Microphone                        (Kick Drum)
  • Sennheiser MD441-U Microphone    (Snare top)
  • Sennheiser e606/609                       (Guitar Cabs)
  • 1 SM58 Live Dynamic Microphone       (Vocal)
  • Live Desk Hooked up to PRO TOOLS for recording. – Preferably my own laptop so I can set compression and simple vocal effects & limiters. I need to talk to Harish and see if this is possible…

A Rock-Punk Band performing for the first time with using a live set up with microphones going to a P.A.



  • Anthony – Electric Guitar & Vocals
  • Ash         – Bass Guitar
  • Tommy   – Drums

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar plugged into a DI box – Di Box to the live mixing desk – 1 x e606 microphone slightly left center of the top speaker cone also going to the desk. ‘P.O.V’. Facing the stage right of drums

(The reason for two lines is to record the live performance properly & see if it is good for a bonus track release)

Electric Guitar

1 x e606 microphone placed center of the top right speaker cone running to live desk.


‘P.O.V’ Facing the stage, vocal Mic front left center.


D112 on kick drum. AKG 414’s over heads nice and close about 1.5 meters height away from the drums. MD441 close as possible to top of the snare drum


Using Pro Tools & some basic presets of Compression and Limiting. Elliot Paffey is also Live sound engineer with Harish


Using the Arts Council of Wales advice on marketing and communications this post will run through how I aim to market my new ‘live’ music project.

…Where are we now?

Currently, due to the nature of my musical journey throughout CSM progressing from rapper to songwriting-singing and returning to my first instrument the guitar, I have yet to perform this new live sound in public, or to have undergone any marketing strategy for my music before now.

My band rehearses once a week and at the moment we are focusing on the final performance for the live module due to other commitments of the band members. I have already asked the band would they be interested in performing in Newport & Cardiff and the response was positive!

I believe that before I do call up any event promoters in attempt to gain gigs, I should have a physical CD or at least FREE DOWNLOADS on my artist page. This is a promotional strategy for recruiting a new audience by leading the crowd to my website and social media/ free downloads during the performances.

Fusing distorted rock guitars with soulful lyrics my target audience is 18-30’s age bracket based in South Wales because of potential regular performances being in night-clubs. I aim to gain an interest from a younger audience by applying to perform at community festivals and summer events in South Wales.

Below are a few links that list most of the venues that host live music in Cardiff and Newport. I aim to have the three track ep recorded and uploaded before I approach venues for possible gigs. I have set a deadline for the 21st April to have these recordings done.

In order to research potential competition in Gwent I found these listed websites that registers all genres of live bands based in Gwent…


The Arts Council marketing and communications guide says…

Once you have looked at the above issues, then you will be clearer of the bigger picture and this can help inform your marketing activity. A SWOT will help you do this. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • First ep will be available for free download
  • An interactive digital media outlet to connect with audiences before and during the gig – Facebook / Twitter
  • South-Wales has a thriving and committed rock/ alternative music following
  • This project has not been trialled, reviewed or tested
  • New music is not easy to sell
  • May only run over the coming summer months due to other band members commitments
  • May not be as engaging without repetitive choral lyrics (lyrics are story-telling soul)
  • Knowing the sound engineers that run the live circuit in Newport there is plenty of opportunity to perform in venues across Newport. Neon, Pen & Wig, Wharehouse54
  • Opportunity to bring together other contemporary welsh artists and contribute to curating the scene
  • Could be a good warm-up act for the full live sound setting
  • Capture new younger audiences and open new programming options for local venue
  • Competition from other local rock bands
  • Not enough people having prior notice to want to attend the event
  • A re-used/ re-vamped format of desert-rock may not be contemporary enough to catch a younger audience
  • More experienced and equipped bands may stand out against my music

Writing a short review/ promotional excerpt for the grad show programme was not easy, i don’t want to over do it. After looking at some ideas from the Green Man festival ( i decided short and sweet will do… Of course this can be changed if my tutor is not happy with it.

Developing his writing for over ten years, rap artist, songwriter & producer Aj-Fitz, recognised for his self-produced mixtape ‘The Makin of a Realist’ is now performing new material for the first time with a live-band!

Progressing from the rap artist Fitz has embarked on a new journey of songwriting and sound discovery. Soulful lyrics fused with alternative rock, an electric performance not to be missed.



Over the course of the past few weeks Matt Evans & Richard Parfit have given a lot of very helpful information and tools to help with the production of songwriting. I never thought before hand that so much preparation could be done in a sense of ‘pre-production’ in regards to song writing.

The Songwriters Triangle

The songwriters triangle is a framework that allows one to create prosody within lyrics. Prosody is the balance between the ‘Familiar’ and the ‘Future’, the ‘Recognisable’ and the ‘New’. In my songwriting feedback earlier this year it said I had good use of prosody and with some refinement could write some great songs! This was encouraging and interesting because I never heard of the term before and it still didn’t really make any sense to me after finding out what it meant. Then only a couple of weeks later it was delivered in lecture.

Writing Styles

Song form & structure are the key recognisable changes from verse to chorus within a song. Allowing one to understand the journey through different sections for example  Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8, Chorus.

  • AABA
  • ABAA
  • A



Word Pallet & Rhymezone



Today I started my rehearsals for the final performance live module. It has been recently difficult to arrange with certain people being based in the next city (Cardiff) and others with other commitments.

Today Myself, Ash (who is also on our course) and Fish on drums. (A friend outside of course.)

The session went really well in my opinion, Ash picked up the baselines within minutes of hearing them, Fish was able to play comfortably with the studio space and the full drum kit. The sound was nice out of the amps and we rocked out from around 3pm till 7pm.  we discussed as a group the running order of the songs and even some song arrangement was discussed in the group. I particularly liked it when the boys gave input to how the song could go in regards to arrangement it gives a fresh perspective.

The three songs that I have chosen for my final performance are songs that I am more than happy to start gigging again with in the future. Although my sound may still need a little tweaking in the studio I really like the crunchy distorted guitar through the Marshall Amps and the slightly funk-ed bass….

I asked Ash & Fish if they were interested in giving this ep a shot at performing in Newport and they both said yes!

…So the next little mission after recording these songs is to try and secure us an external gig from the CSM course, somewhere, anywhere in Newport…. The Riverside!

Later this evening whilst was cooking I realised that considering I have stripped everything back from being a solo ‘crowd hyper’ and rapper with a microphone, riding of the adrenaline by covering the spaces of the stage and hand arm movements to performing sat down with a guitar in front of well rehearsed and practising musicians performing brand new material I was bound to be shaky and un sure. Being sure of what your doing is one of the things I also learnt in the research on performance anxiety that is a massive help.



So in an effort to try and understand and possibly resolve my performance anxiety I decided to research if any famous artists have encountered the condition and how they may have overcome it themselves. A Google search reveals lots of content on the subject matter and I was pleased to read these selection of blog posts, musicians reviews and pages regarding performance anxiety.

It is interesting to find out that even the superstars like Katy Perry, Rod Stewart, Luciano Pavarotti, Ozzy Ozbourne a renowned rock/metal star suffered severely from stage fright and performance anxiety.

Useful Tips…

  • Breathing techniques
  • Vocal warmups
  • Make mistakes and learn to let them go!
  • Beating of the chest, Jumping up and down get the adrenaline going instead of trying to control it… Ride it!   <- I should know this having been an Mc host on a main stage infront of at least 300 people, Yet the whole setting, environment and also crowd interaction is totally different as there is singing not just rapping. Plus there is an instrument and playing with other musicians involved so I guess its probably normal to be feeling this amount of anxiety.

”What does all that mean? Basically, your brain tries to calculate the odds that you’ll nail this performance, and the odds that you’ll fall on your face. If your brain decides that you are probably going to do really well, you won’t feel anxious. Excited perhaps, but not anxious.

On the other hand, if your brain thinks there is a good chance you could crash and burn, you will most definitely feel anxious. Simple as that.

Here are two scenarios.

Scenario #1: Imagine you are playing an easy piece that you could play perfectly even if I woke you up at 3AM, and are doing so in front of an audience that will love your playing no matter what (say, your grandparents). Think you can handle that?

Well, given that it would be pretty hard to screw up, and even if you did, your grandparents wouldn’t notice or care, you will probably be pretty darn confident that you can handle the situation.

Brain says piece of cake, no worries. No anxiety for you.”


Practise ..






Today I sent a group message via Facebook to the students who are designing website and the flyers. We needed to start setting deadlines and creating a frame work where this project of a live event could be successfully achieved. After sharing some more ideas about the design of the logo and website I agreed to take on the responsibility of the printing of the flyers and posters. I will approach Student Services in the library and see if they can fund the printing as it is a third year grad show event. I don’t think we will need more than  two hundred flyers i will have to run this by the rest of the group.

Before the group conversation ended i made sure we all agreed on

  • A deadline for the website release                          (25th March – Good Friday)
  • A deadline for Artist bio hand- ins                         (Friday 18th March)

I have given my email address for Tommy to send over some template designs for the event flyers