…A Corner Turned?

Posted: March 3, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr


Today I started my rehearsals for the final performance live module. It has been recently difficult to arrange with certain people being based in the next city (Cardiff) and others with other commitments.

Today Myself, Ash (who is also on our course) and Fish on drums. (A friend outside of course.)

The session went really well in my opinion, Ash picked up the baselines within minutes of hearing them, Fish was able to play comfortably with the studio space and the full drum kit. The sound was nice out of the amps and we rocked out from around 3pm till 7pm.  we discussed as a group the running order of the songs and even some song arrangement was discussed in the group. I particularly liked it when the boys gave input to how the song could go in regards to arrangement it gives a fresh perspective.

The three songs that I have chosen for my final performance are songs that I am more than happy to start gigging again with in the future. Although my sound may still need a little tweaking in the studio I really like the crunchy distorted guitar through the Marshall Amps and the slightly funk-ed bass….

I asked Ash & Fish if they were interested in giving this ep a shot at performing in Newport and they both said yes!

…So the next little mission after recording these songs is to try and secure us an external gig from the CSM course, somewhere, anywhere in Newport…. The Riverside!

Later this evening whilst was cooking I realised that considering I have stripped everything back from being a solo ‘crowd hyper’ and rapper with a microphone, riding of the adrenaline by covering the spaces of the stage and hand arm movements to performing sat down with a guitar in front of well rehearsed and practising musicians performing brand new material I was bound to be shaky and un sure. Being sure of what your doing is one of the things I also learnt in the research on performance anxiety that is a massive help.


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