Will it be alright on the night…?

Posted: March 3, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr



So in an effort to try and understand and possibly resolve my performance anxiety I decided to research if any famous artists have encountered the condition and how they may have overcome it themselves. A Google search reveals lots of content on the subject matter and I was pleased to read these selection of blog posts, musicians reviews and pages regarding performance anxiety.

It is interesting to find out that even the superstars like Katy Perry, Rod Stewart, Luciano Pavarotti, Ozzy Ozbourne a renowned rock/metal star suffered severely from stage fright and performance anxiety. http://www.grammy.com/news/musicians-who-fear-the-stage

Useful Tips…

  • Breathing techniques
  • Vocal warmups
  • Make mistakes and learn to let them go!
  • Beating of the chest, Jumping up and down get the adrenaline going instead of trying to control it… Ride it!   <- I should know this having been an Mc host on a main stage infront of at least 300 people, Yet the whole setting, environment and also crowd interaction is totally different as there is singing not just rapping. Plus there is an instrument and playing with other musicians involved so I guess its probably normal to be feeling this amount of anxiety.

”What does all that mean? Basically, your brain tries to calculate the odds that you’ll nail this performance, and the odds that you’ll fall on your face. If your brain decides that you are probably going to do really well, you won’t feel anxious. Excited perhaps, but not anxious.

On the other hand, if your brain thinks there is a good chance you could crash and burn, you will most definitely feel anxious. Simple as that.

Here are two scenarios.

Scenario #1: Imagine you are playing an easy piece that you could play perfectly even if I woke you up at 3AM, and are doing so in front of an audience that will love your playing no matter what (say, your grandparents). Think you can handle that?

Well, given that it would be pretty hard to screw up, and even if you did, your grandparents wouldn’t notice or care, you will probably be pretty darn confident that you can handle the situation.

Brain says piece of cake, no worries. No anxiety for you.”


Practise ..






  1. Jennifer Roig-Francolí says:

    Hi Anthony, Great post, and thanks for the link to my ideas on performance anxiety at http://www.ArtofFreedom.me Wishing you all the best!! – Jennifer

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