Songwriting Tool Box

Posted: March 4, 2016 in 1. Songwriting Module. - 3rd Yr


Over the course of the past few weeks Matt Evans & Richard Parfit have given a lot of very helpful information and tools to help with the production of songwriting. I never thought before hand that so much preparation could be done in a sense of ‘pre-production’ in regards to song writing.

The Songwriters Triangle

The songwriters triangle is a framework that allows one to create prosody within lyrics. Prosody is the balance between the ‘Familiar’ and the ‘Future’, the ‘Recognisable’ and the ‘New’. In my songwriting feedback earlier this year it said I had good use of prosody and with some refinement could write some great songs! This was encouraging and interesting because I never heard of the term before and it still didn’t really make any sense to me after finding out what it meant. Then only a couple of weeks later it was delivered in lecture.

Writing Styles

Song form & structure are the key recognisable changes from verse to chorus within a song. Allowing one to understand the journey through different sections for example  Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8, Chorus.

  • AABA
  • ABAA
  • A



Word Pallet & Rhymezone


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