‘Live’ …Market Research & Communications

Posted: March 7, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr


Using the Arts Council of Wales advice on marketing and communications this post will run through how I aim to market my new ‘live’ music project.

…Where are we now?

Currently, due to the nature of my musical journey throughout CSM progressing from rapper to songwriting-singing and returning to my first instrument the guitar, I have yet to perform this new live sound in public, or to have undergone any marketing strategy for my music before now.

My band rehearses once a week and at the moment we are focusing on the final performance for the live module due to other commitments of the band members. I have already asked the band would they be interested in performing in Newport & Cardiff and the response was positive!

I believe that before I do call up any event promoters in attempt to gain gigs, I should have a physical CD or at least FREE DOWNLOADS on my artist page. This is a promotional strategy for recruiting a new audience by leading the crowd to my website and social media/ free downloads during the performances.

Fusing distorted rock guitars with soulful lyrics my target audience is 18-30’s age bracket based in South Wales because of potential regular performances being in night-clubs. I aim to gain an interest from a younger audience by applying to perform at community festivals and summer events in South Wales.

Below are a few links that list most of the venues that host live music in Cardiff and Newport. I aim to have the three track ep recorded and uploaded before I approach venues for possible gigs. I have set a deadline for the 21st April to have these recordings done.

In order to research potential competition in Gwent I found these listed websites that registers all genres of live bands based in Gwent…


The Arts Council marketing and communications guide says…

Once you have looked at the above issues, then you will be clearer of the bigger picture and this can help inform your marketing activity. A SWOT will help you do this. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • First ep will be available for free download
  • An interactive digital media outlet to connect with audiences before and during the gig – Facebook / Twitter
  • South-Wales has a thriving and committed rock/ alternative music following
  • This project has not been trialled, reviewed or tested
  • New music is not easy to sell
  • May only run over the coming summer months due to other band members commitments
  • May not be as engaging without repetitive choral lyrics (lyrics are story-telling soul)
  • Knowing the sound engineers that run the live circuit in Newport there is plenty of opportunity to perform in venues across Newport. Neon, Pen & Wig, Wharehouse54
  • Opportunity to bring together other contemporary welsh artists and contribute to curating the scene
  • Could be a good warm-up act for the full live sound setting
  • Capture new younger audiences and open new programming options for local venue
  • Competition from other local rock bands
  • Not enough people having prior notice to want to attend the event
  • A re-used/ re-vamped format of desert-rock may not be contemporary enough to catch a younger audience
  • More experienced and equipped bands may stand out against my music

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