Further Branding Development…

Posted: April 12, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr

After a brief conversation with a friend outside of University I realised he ran a graphics company and asked him if he would be interested in helping with my projects to which the reply was yes he’s more than happy to help! This is a huge weight of my shoulders as i am illiterate when it domes to photoshop, I was feeling the pressure of aesthetic side of my project letting me down… With in one night of me asking and forwarding my last blog p[ost to him as a brief he came back at me the next day with this…



This is the first edit of the idea I gave him and I’m more than pleased with it!! We have since been in daily discussions regarding the media side of this band project and i am looking forward to handing over some footage for video editing. We will be making an intro video with a gif style backdrop for each track. I decided to write up a design brief so that we have communicated this mission via documents… Jason will also be helping me in the design process of branding another local artist of which will be performing under destiny sessions… take a look at what i sent him in the link below

Design Brief – Ka-Roka Design



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