Final Performance & Evaluation

Posted: May 11, 2016 in 2. Live Performances - 3rd Yr



I started this module performing my songs to the class in a stripped back folk-style acoustic setting but nervousness and lack of practice by showing newest content made my performances feeling un-natural, uncomfortable and too difficult for me.

By standing up with something in my hands either a microphone or guitar I can put my personal dynamic energy into the songs making me feel more comfortable about my performances. I do enjoy playing music with other people too,

There’s nothing like live bass’

Having written most of my songs on the guitar, plugging in and distorting it, and nostalgia was encouraging with the distorted rock riffs, using a microphone on the vocals was instantly fun. Developing that idea into a megaphone made it even more fun.

If I’m totally honest I am not sure if would now push on with a rock band idea I would rather develop myself further as an artist through focusing my songwriting and production and establish something of my own works.

Managing the organization and production of a band, rehearsal space, recording space and also write/ compose the music is nonetheless strenuous and full on, challenging but fun.

I think if the other band members were as committed as me to the overall aims of this project I believe regular practice would have made our performances a whole lot better and we would definitely have more content to perform and potentially release.

I am very happy I had help with the graphics side of the project, I don’t think I could have made as equal an impact on the over all aesthetic of the performance. The prosodic titles of the tracks and the video image branding flashing in the backdrop video really homed in the message and mission statement of the band. I tried not to over do the costume as No Sweat is trying to replicate the 90’s norm-core grunge/ skater aesthetic.

The last week leading up to the event had quite an effect on the way I ate, or didn’t in some cases and slept.

Although I have taken a lot out of this experience designing and running of the project, if I were to do this again I would have to make sure that 30mins time out for eating good food during each day is ensured. Coffee and cake is no sustenance for the running of a live show/ managing a stage and also performing as an artist.

I would organize and try my best to keep to a strict weekly rehearsal schedule. I would definitely use the foot pedal and bring more dynamics into the sound of the performance.

For the event I think I would have ordered more t-shirts if more money could have been collected in due time.

A Polyprism banner across the front table would have also been nice.



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